Welcome to your summer internship, aka a taste of the 9-5 life. Any internship can get quite stressful. You're constantly being thrown new tasks and learning new information, all while proving to your company that they made the right decision on hiring you. The last thing you want to stress is about is what to eat for lunch. Whether you don't have the luxury of a legit lunch break where you can step out for a bit or can't get around to meal prepping, it is totally fine to order takeout in the workplace. Help me help you decide on the perfect takeout food to get based on your summer internship.

1. Marketing: Tacos

tacos, fish, cheese
Marissa Arnett

Marketing interns are known for their strong interpersonal and communication skills. Therefore, they are able to articulate their order to create the perfect tacos. Attention to detail (toppings) is important here.

2. Editorial: Ramen

ramen, soup
Giovanna Stefanutto

Editorial interns have to adapt to working under pressure and meeting deadlines, while producing unique writing pieces. Therefore, ramen is there go to. Ramen takes only a few minutes to make and deliver, but behind the scenes there's a lot of careful preparation.

3. Film/Photography: Falafel

Christy Chan

Being an art intern means being surrounded with a lot of different talents and creative outlooks, so a falafel dish is definitely the way to go.  The perfect falafel plate is full of unique ingredients working together to create one big delicious meal.

4. Legal: Burrito

sushi, burrito, rice, ice, cream
Jayna Goldstein

Small details make up a case. Therefore, law interns are known to have strong logical and analytical skills. It's the small details, like which sauce you choose and which cheese goes in that make your burrito a winner. 

5. Engineering: Sandwich

Christy Chan

Engineers make solving problems and constructing things seem effortless, kind of like a sandwich. Hear me out. The perfect sandwich is unique and takes work, yet goes together effortlessly. And, it always gets the job done in curing your hunger. Engineers, get yourself a sandwich. 

6. Medical: Salad

vegetable, salad, pepper, lettuce, chicken
Becky Hughes

Interns in the medical field are smart and compassionate as they help improve the lives of others. Saving lives requires a wholesome meal that is good for the body and mind, therefore you need to get yourself a hearty salad. A little fiber and protein goes a long way. 

7. Design: Poke

salad, cucumber, avocado
Anna Roccucci

Design interns are always working with composition, color, and creativity, and those same skills are required for ordering the perfect poke bowl. Poke bowls are made up of your favorite ingredients, while still being aesthetically pleasing for your Insta followers.

8. Events: Sushi

sushi, salmon
Lauren Lee

Planning and executing an event takes clear communication and planning expertise. Event interns also have to be up to date on the latest trends to make each even better than the next. You should order something just as trendy like sushi for takeout to reward yourself for planning a successful event.

9. Sports: Pizza

pizza, tomato, vegetable, cheese
Jennifer Cao

Whether you are coaching or managing, sports interns' greatest strengths are their dedication and teamwork. Are you loyal to one pizza brand like you're loyal to your favorite teams? Either way, split a pizza with your work crew and show how much a team player you really are. 

10. Teaching: Nugget


Teachers are kind-hearted, patient, and caring. And being surrounded with kids can bring back major #throwback vibes and childhood memories, so why not bring back nuggets and fries by ordering some at lunch. Your students might get a bit jealous, especially if you just steal some of theirs. 

11. Culinary: Pasta

pasta, shrimp
Ashley Marino

And lastly, we can't forget those that are so lucky to incorporate food into their 9-5 life—culinary interns. You are known to be experimental, so you would definitely know where is the best place to get pasta and how to spice up the takeout versions. You could make it on your own, but sometimes you just need someone else treat you.

Hopefully, this helps you decide what you want to order for takeout as you are busy learning the ropes to your new job. By keeping your stomach full (and satisfied), it can make you a more productive intern. So good luck, have fun, and kill it at your summer internship.