Besides Biden and dages, UD is easily known for letting its students go from dela-where to all over the world through study abroad. Sometimes the hardest part is deciding just where to take the plunge. Save the stress for deciding on on what to pack by choosing where to study abroad based on your order at UD's Brew Ha Ha

Cortado: Spain

Brew Ha Ha manages to give Spaniards a run for their money when it comes to cortados, lessening the culture shock. The studying will be serious, just like the caffeine in this drink. 

Cubano: Cuba

mocha, chocolate, cream, milk, espresso, cappuccino, coffee
Colleen Kilburn

While the line would compete with Grotto's if Brew started to serve Cubano sandwiches, the drink counterpart is equally as compelling. A classic drink for a classic island. 

Iced Coconut Dream Latte: Hawaii

Life's a beach and you're ready to live your life to the fullest with tropic fruits to fuel you up. Ice coffees will be necessary to counteract the glorious heat that is bound to leave all of us nested blue hens jealous. 

German Chocolate Latte: Germany

tea, mocha, milk, cappuccino, espresso, coffee
Casey Irwin

While German chocolate cake isn't actually from Germany, "Kaffe und kuchen" would support the combination of sweets and caffeine through the tradition of an afternoon coffee and cake pick-me-up. 

Cappuccino: Italy

You're used to embracing the foam mustache like every day is no shave November, so the next natural step is to take it to the streets of Rome or Florence Lizzie Mcguire style. 

Nitro Coffee: Ireland

Nitro coffee tends to have a taste resembling a Guinness Beer, so any nitro lover will feel right at home at any pub. Two or three glasses in might just feel a little different. 

Honorable mentions to espresso shots for France, frozen coffees or frappes for Greece, and tea for China. Whatever you crave, make sure you ask for some adventure on the side.