Studying abroad, while daunting, was one of the best experiences I've had. There's no better feeling than strolling the canals of Amsterdam, people watching in Parisian cafés, or late-night club hopping in London. Among all these new adventures, trying new foods was an essential part of my European experience. Europe's food scene is unparalleled! From classy Michelin Star restaurants to cosy country-side Boulangeries, mouthwatering delicacies pop up on every corner. While navigating all of this could be difficult, here are a few tips to help you on your foodie adventure.

1. Research will be your best friend!

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Shonali Bose

Yeah, some of the best experiences are spontaneous. But the best food I tried came from quick internet searches and travel books. Finding the right sites, apps, and books will help you find the best restaurants of all price ranges. My favorites include Lonely Planet, Time Out, Trip Advisor and (the always reliable) Yelp. You can also get smaller cultural books which are always adorable and entertaining.

2. A market is never a bad idea

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Shonali Bose

A big part of European food culture is the amazing food markets. Christmas markets, pop up markets, and even long-established tourist markets can be found in many cities. Markets are a great way to experience both the food and the culture of an area. The local sellers are friendly, and the food is scrumptious. London's market scene is especially edgy and cool. Bring your camera and make sure to get as many free samples as you can!

3. Try the drinks too

Shonali Bose

YOU'RE (probably) LEGAL! Take full advantage! As a college student you're probably used to saving some dough and sticking to water. In many European countries you actually have to pay for the water. So why not experiment? Additionally, bars are a great way to meet new people and experience the city. Rooftop bars are also a must. (Please drink responsibly and stay hydrated). 

4. Brunch over EVERYTHING 

Shonali Bose

Some of my favorite meals were brunch. Nothing cured the fatigue of a night out quite like a warm pancake or a delish avocado toast. The brunch spots are sometimes more creative, flavorful, and innovative than dinner restaurants (and cheaper!). Of course, take plenty of pictures! 

#SpoonTip: If you ever find yourself in Prague, try the pancakes at Den Noc. And in London, my home base, my favorite spot by far was Farm Girl in Notting Hill.

5. Make Lists!

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Shonali Bose

I know this sounds very Type-A. But trust me! Your time abroad will go so quickly you'll blink and miss it. Making lists about sights you want to see, places you'd like to eat, and cities you want to explore are helpful guides to making your time in Europe as meaningful as it can be. They'll help your productiveness and motivation. We all know that your bed is the best place ever but you're in EUROPE! Life won't get better than this! 

6. Be adventurous! 

Shonali Bose

Calories do not count when you study abroad. Go crazy! Try foods you've never heard of, or can't even pronounce. It'll be a great memory and (hopefully) a delicious experience. Check out this bucket list!

I would not trade my experience abroad for anything in the world. If you're thinking of studying anywhere in the world- go for it! And if you do end up studying in Europe, I hope these tips will help you navigate what can be an overwhelming array of options. Have an amazing time and eat your heart out!!