It's the same old story every year: we build up the New Year by promising that we will surely do better next year. 

The follow-through is always way more difficult than the promise, but there are some ways to ensure that you can start your resolution early– beginning with what you're pouring at 11:55 on New Year's Eve.

Work Out More: WATER

Let's start off with the basics here. If you want to lose weight or work out more in 2017, you should probably start by just not drinking. Water is the only way to wake up refreshed enough to hit the gym on the first day of the new year. Also, we all know that alcohol = drunchies. New Year's Eve may be slightly less fun without booze, but if you want to work out then you're going to have to get used to the pain. 

Eat Healthier: TEQUILA

Tequila is technically the healthiest alcohol. While I can't guarantee that you will be making the healthiest of decisions after downing your sixth tequila shot of the night, at least you won't be able to buy that late night pizza after inevitably losing your wallet.  

Take More Risks: VODKA

Vodka is the perfect midnight kiss on any New Year's Eve, as long as you remember your chaser. We all know that vodka makes us believe in ourselves like nothing else. It makes us think we can dance, flirt, and befriend everyone in the bathroom. Starting 2017 with vodka is definitely a gamble because, with it, you never know where the night will take you. The only guarantee is that it'll be somewhere fun. 

Be Classier: CHAMPAGNE

If you've woken up in the morning sans dignity, credit cards, and ID too many times in 2016, you may be ready for a change. Champagne will get you the perfect kind of buzz that guarantees a fun night without a disastrous morning after. You'll be the most together friend at the post New Year's Eve brunch, just in time for round two: mimosas. 

Fall in Love: WINE

If you're looking to open your heart in 2017, look no further than the sexiest drink around. Wine will get you drunk enough to be honest and put you in the right mood for a romantic night with someone special. After all, wine makes us sleepy, and that may just be your perfect excuse to ask "Do you want to get out of here?" 

#SpoonTip: If you and that special someone get hungry, check out these spot-on wine and snack pairings.

To Forget 2016: FIREBALL

New Year's Eve is about reflecting back on the past year, and it sure has been an interesting one. Fireball will help you forget about all the problems that 2016 created and that 2017 has to deal with, at least for a little while. And hey, by the time you wake up in 2017, you will have much more pressing problems to deal with (and these tips will be a lifesaver). 

If You Want to Become a Better Bro: BEER

Shotgunning your beer at midnight is a surefire way to impress the bros in your life. Natty Lite just isn't the same consumed the normal way. This is best performed in your favorite pastel khaki shorts. Dadbod not included. 

Treat Yo Self: PIÑA COLADA

If you're lucky enough to be spending New Year's Eve somewhere warm and tropical, take the edge off with a delicious fruity drink. It's been a long year. You deserve this.

New Year's Eve is a time to celebrate the fact that "New Year, New Me" is an acceptable thing to say– at least for the next week. Even if your resolution barely makes it past the ball dropping, at least you can say you rang in 2017 sipping on a beverage that fits that resolution perfectly. Cheers to surviving 2016!