Sometimes it seems like trendy new restaurants are the only places to take your BFF when they come to visit you. But trust me, there are endless fun things to do and sick sites to just have to be down for adventure.

Here are some fun ideas so you'll never be stumped on what to do when your BFF visits you at UW-Madison. 

1. Walk the Lakeshore Path

Try and get your Vitamin D while you can! During the rare moments when it's not negative degrees and snowing, the best thing to do is to spend time outside. 

Whether you use the path to go on a run or simply take a walk along the lake, you will certainly find serenity. Show off our beautiful campus when the weather allows for it.

Melissa Simon

2. Kayak/Sail on Lake Mendota

Again, when it's not winter and the lake isn't frozen, taking your friend sailing or kayaking is always a fun adventure. When the sun is shining and the boats are out on the lake, it seriously feels more like vacation than school. 

gastronomy, cheese, water
Krystal Du

3. Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

I'm sure you've noticed this museum when you're waiting outside in the line out the door for Short Stack on a Sunday morning.

As you walk up the blue glass stairs to get to the exhibits, you can see a beautiful view of State Street. The artists' exhibits constantly change and I guarantee you will not regret checking it out. 

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Melissa Simon

4. Farmer's market

The Dane County Farmers’ Market on the Square is such a stress-relieving getaway from the library.

You don't want your visitor to miss out on the hundreds of vendors and food trucks selling smoothies, vegetables, cookies, flowers, and of course, cheeses. I have yet to try it myself, but rumor has it that the cheesy bread is a must.

Melissa Simon

5. Walk through the Capitol 

You obviously can't miss the breathtaking sight of the capitol, but have you ever gone inside and walked all the way up?

Not only is the inside of the capitol artistically stunning, but the view of Madison from the top is unbelievable. Don't worry, you can always take the elevators if you're feeling lazy

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Melissa Simon

When your BFF visits, I promise they won't just want to keep eating. Enjoy the outdoors, do some exploring, be adventurous and take advantage of the unique opportunities of UW-Madison. There's so much to do in this city...don't miss out!