Cheese is the main food that defines everyone in the fascinating state of Wisconsin. This can be sensed at one particular biennial cheese festival: Green County Cheese Days.  

Locals have said this festival happens every other year just because it takes that long to recover from it.  

The Site: Monroe Square 

This celebration was founded in 1914 in Monroe, Wisconsin.  A few businessmen challenged that if a tiny town in Illinois could hold a sauerkraut celebration, then Wisconsin could create a cheese celebration. 

This festival lasts 3 days, complete with parades, local music, all kinds of food, and above all, cheese.  My best friend lives in Monroe and she took me in September, 2016. 

We started off with a pregame of assorted cheese, accompanied by crackers, chips, and guac, all preparing us for the flavors that the day would bring.


Emily Taub

Each cube of cheese had its own set of characteristics that made our taste buds dance with happiness. Some were sharp, some mild, some with herbs, some without.

After we licked every crumb off of the cheese board, we continued on our journey for more cheese and food.

Corn Dog

On one corner of the square, we found corn dogs with melted cheese dipping sauce. The fusion of bread and meat and cheese was beyond compare to any cheeseburger or pizza anyone would ever have.

Cheese Curds

coffee, beer
Emily Taub

To top it all off, we waited in line for thirty minutes to buy freshly made cheese curds, the epitome of the whole celebration. The crispiness of the outside formed a perfect gateway to the chewy, cheesy inside. No one was left hungry or dissatisfied after these curds.

The Beer Tent 

wine, coffee, beer
Emily Taub

We ended our festivities with a cup of beer in our hands, dancing to the local bands singing covers that perfectly aligned with everyone's feelings.

I looked around and saw what cheese had done: it had brought the town of Monroe together, even bringing people from all over.

This festival encouraged people to enjoy themselves one last time before the summer came to a close. But everyone would have the fond memories of the incredible, delicious cheese festival that ended their amazing summer, and would begin making plans 2 years in advance to come back for the next one. 

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