Good brunch in Madison isn't hard to find, but cheap brunch in Madison may take a little more effort. Luckily, I've done some research for you so you can roll out of bed and head to any of the five spots I've picked without stressing too much about how much money's left in your bank account.

1. Short Stack Eatery

cake, chocolate, cream
Avery Allen

If you head to Short Stack Eatery on a Saturday or Sunday morning, you're bound to wait in line for at least 45 minutes. However, the food makes up for it. Although all of their options aren't always easy on the budget, they make their food from scratch with locally-sourced ingredients.

Their blind special rotates daily and is only $7 if you don't ask what's in it. The restaurant's namesake—a short stack of buttermilk pancakes—comes with real Wisconsin maple syrup and is only $5!

2. Mickies Dairy Bar

Mickies Dairy Bar is a tiny spot over by Camp Randall that still has the menus from its early days in the '50s hanging on the wall. Sadly, you can't get French toast for fifty cents anymore, but their prices still beat most places in Madison. The portions are also massive, so a $7.50 scrambler or even a single pancake will feed you for the whole weekend, or you can split it with a friend. Be sure to come hungry!

3. Lazy Jane's

turkey, bread, chicken
Madison Erlandson

Lazy Jane's Cafe and Bakery isn't right on campus, but if you have a car or a bus pass, it's just a short trip to Willy Street for a quirky brunch. The inside is as creatively decorated as the green and purple outside, so be prepared. Lazy Jane's offers a wide selection of freshly baked scones that fortunately don't fall into the "dry-as-a-bone" category.

In addition to their bakery items, their scrambles and egg sandwich are savory options for between $4 and $8, while they also have fluffy pancakes and waffles to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Bonus: For college students, the café has an upstairs that's perfect for getting some homework done after a busy weekend while the full espresso bar will be sure to keep you awake. 

4. Sunroom Cafe

Situated in the middle of campus on State Street, Sunroom Cafe is easily accessible. Along with traditional options like 2 eggs, toast, and potatoes for under $5, Sunroom has a turkey avocado omelet as well as a tofu deluxe scrambler for those vegetarians out there. 

5. Monty's Blue Plate Diner

pizza, tea, coffee, beer
Madison Erlandson

Monty's is another off-campus spot that will require a bus ride (or a lot of motivation to walk). However, all of their breakfast options are under $10, and with your free bus pass, what do you have to lose?

The breakfast sandwich has the perfect balance of spice on jalapeño cheddar bread, and the coffee is to die for—it comes from Just Coffee Co-op located right in Madison. If you're a fan of dessert for brunch (and who isn't?), check out some of Monty's milkshakes or slices of pie behind the glass counter in front of the restaurant.

Honorable Mention

I know some Badgers are bound to ask, "where's Bassett Street?" so I'll give them a quick shoutout. Bassett Street Brunch Club has stellar donuts as well as fun twists on normal brunch items, such as fried chicken on a donut and a breakfast burrito bowl, and I would definitely recommend eating there on a weekday. However, it didn't make my list of cheap brunch in Madison simply because the wait on a Saturday or Sunday morning (or afternoon) is outrageous. 

Next time you're craving a satisfying brunch after a night out but want to actually stick to your budget, check out any of these options and you'll be sure to leave happy!