Since Kelis released her smash hit “Milkshake” 13 years ago, curious minds have been wondering what is it about her milkshake that “brings all the boys to the yard.”

Does she switch it up with secret ingredients like Thin Mints or Oreos? Or, is she a classic girl, sticking with tried-and-true vanilla and chocolate?


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Well, inquiring minds of the world, I’m here to let you know that it’s actually none of the above because Kelis has never actually made a milkshake. Yup, I said it.

When asked by the Guardian about her milkshake-making abilities, Kelis says, “I don’t think I’ve ever made a milkshake. I made a smoothie the other day that was really good – protein powder, spinach, orange, and crushed ice with a little bit of honey and coconut water.”

A SMOOTHIE?! Are you kidding? Surely our girl Kelis, who is also a pretty accomplished chef, has published a cookbook and even named her last album Food (tracks on the album include Jerk Ribs, Biscuits N’ Gravy, Friday Fish Fry and Cobbler) is more than qualified to try her hand at a milkshake.


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So until Kelis redeems herself and gives the people what they want, I’m raising my Shake Shack shake to Kelis circa 2003, blasting “Milkshake” and remembering what once was #ripchildhood.