One of the best parts about going home for break is the food you've been missing for the past few months. If you're from California, it's probably the fresh sushi or the açaí bowls. Coming from New York, I can contest that the pizza and the bagels are missed the most.

Although returning to your hometown over the holidays is exciting and delicious, if you go to UW-Madison, there are definitely some foods that the students were craving from miles away.

1. Mac N' Cheese Pizza from Ian's Pizza

Whatever late night eats you are munching on at home does not compare to the satisfaction you get while eating a mac n' cheese slice. This is for sure one of the go-to drunchie foods for students in Madison. 

2. Short Stack Eatery's Sweet Potato Oatmeal Pancakes 

Two unlikely superfoods are paired together to make possibly the most delicious pancakes I've ever had. Even though I am one of the biggest pancake snobs out there, this is actually an easy thing for me to admit. Shortstack's Sweet Potato Oatmeal Pancakes put my homemade ones to shame.

3. Tutto Pasta from Tutto Pasta

My weekly pasta craving can easily be satisfied with Tutto Pasta's signature pasta, appropriately titled Tutto Pasta. It's a favorite among students because of its light tomato cream sauce, similar to vodka sauce but better. 

4. Sweet Potato Fries from Roast

When the waiter or waitress asks me if I want to upgrade my side to fries, I just look at them with a look that screams "duh." There's really nothing that compares to the sweetness of the sweet potato fries with the savory taste of their Sriracha Lime Aioli. 

5. Banana S'more Pie from Portage Pi

While studying in the Graduate's completely zen lobby, you can't help but snack on one of their pies- specifically the Banana S'more Pie. Warmed to perfection and topped with brown sugar, it is also served with homemade whipped cream. This killer combination will make any UW student wish they were back in Madtown. 

6. Eggs (any style) from Sunroom Café

I truly believe the cure to even the worst hangover are the eggs at Sunroom. This is probably why you'll find a line out the door on Sunday mornings with hungry kids waiting to order their eggs in whatever style they choose. 

7. Spring Rolls from Fresh Cool Drinks Food Cart

I'm not saying that the spring rolls were the reason I chose to attend UW-Madison, but it could be a contributing factor. You just cannot find anything like these rolls anywhere besides on Library Mall.  

8. Doughnuts from Dough Baby

Students can't wait to return to Madison to get not only a Dough Baby Doughnut, but also to get an aesthetically-pleasing Instagram of the doughnut. 

9. Milkshakes from Mooyah

The smell of Mooyah as you walk down State Street is something that you can't get while away from Madison. You also can't get their variety of thick and creamy milkshakes that have the ability to satisfy any sweet tooth.

10. Cheese Curds from The Madison Blind

Cheese Curds: The staple food in Wisconsin. The best in the state may be found at the Graduate Hotel. I wouldn't dare try a curd outside of Wisconsin or perhaps not even outside the walls of The Madison Blind. 

Of course, a break from the long library hours, constant partying and not-so glamorous dorm life is necessary. Despite this, spending time away from our beloved college campus makes us appreciate the special foods we can't get anywhere besides Madison.