People love food. But people love taking photos of their food even more. If you don’t live in a cave you probably already know that #FoodPorn might be one of the most relevant social media trends these days. “Foodstagrams,” as I like to call them, have taken over Instagram feeds and are inspiring everyone to channel their inner food photographer (because apparently everyone has it in them).

With that being said, I wanted to point out the best types of foodstagrams out there—take notes future social media experts. There are endless combinations of lighting, angles and filters, but even if you just stick to one of these trends you’re one step closer to hitting that “likes” milestone you’ve always dreamed about.

(Confession: I’ve probably taken multiple food photos using each style. #guiltypleasure)

1. Close Up


Photo courtesy of @betch_peas on Instagram

This is the most basic type of foodstagram. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting up close and personal when it comes to food, and a close-up shot is definitely the easiest tactic to master. Whether the rest of the table doesn’t seem very photogenic or you just can’t bare to draw attention away from a single dish, you can’t go wrong with a close-up of some delicious-looking food. Prepare to make everyone jealous (and hungry).
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2. Bite Taken Out


Photo courtesy of @new_fork_city on Instagram

Although seemingly simple, the “I just happened to take a bite and now decided to take a photo” foodstagram isn’t as easy as it looks. In my opinion, it really is all about the bite of choice. Too big, and it looks like you were about to finish your food and almost forgot to document it. Too small, and it’s hard to believe you actually plan on eating it at all. But with a perfect one-bite shot like the one shown above, your photo is sure to attract followers everywhere.

3. Aerial View


Photo courtesy of @infatuation on Instagram

Tougher to master, the aerial view foodstagram can be well worth the 15 attempts that it took to capture it. The beauty of this shot is the variety. You can get the whole table setting in one photo–drinks, silverware and all courses of the meal included. My one tip is to be careful when attempting to take this photo in public. You don’t want to be that person who stands up in the middle of a dimly lit restaurant and accidentally has the flash feature turned on. #awkward
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4. In Front of the Restaurant’s Name


Photo courtesy of @missnewfoodie on Instagram

I sometimes think this type of foodstagram can seem cheesy (no pizza pun intended), but when done right the restaurant logo shot can result in lots of Insta love. The key is to balance the view of the food item and the restaurant name. No one wants to see the name of the restaurant taking up most of the screen while the actual food item seems less worthy. Get creative, and don’t be afraid to use logos from menus, outdoor signs as well as wall decor throughout the restaurant.

5. Food in the Air


Photo courtesy of @foodintheair on Instagram

Last but not least, food in the air. These foodstagrams have become so popular there’s even a whole Instagram account dedicated to sharing these masterpieces. Here’s the basic steps: find some drool-worthy food, hold it up in front of an appealing background and take your snapshot. Props to you if you can coordinate your food and the background (think ice cream cone in front of the beach on a hot, summer day).

Hungry yet? That’s the power of foodstagrams at work.

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