Did someone say finals week? Yup, it's that time again. A time full of hibernation in Morris Library with bags packed with prescription ADHD medication, coffee, and mounds of comfort food. After taking one final, you treat yourself to your favorite meal as an reward, but many don't even realize how poor your choices are in the library. It's hard to stay healthy during a time of stress, and it takes a lot of willpower to not consume the fried and greasy delicious snacks we all crave. Hence, stress eating during finals week can get very dangerous, and staying healthy doesn't look too bright.

A Typical Blue Hen's schedule Goes Like This:

Since it's survival of the fittest at Morris Library during this time, most people get there to see the sunrise and don't move from their seat until after sunset. That's the problem: a lot of people get anxious about losing their seats, so they either don't eat at all or order food to the library.

If you're like me, I get distracted from eating food when I study. So I either have to eat before or after, but never during. Another component that reduces hunger is prescription ADHD medicine. I know, I know. There is a huge controversy about this prescribed medicine, especially during finals week. The students who are actually prescribed sell their pills for money, which in turn causes them not eat although they might not have had anything all day. That can be even more hazardous than eating too much. 

On the other hand, others will indulge in a magnitude of the worst snacks and meals without even realizing it. Ordering food to the library is commonplace at UD. Club Morris is swarmed by Grubhub cars every night. Pat's Pizza & Pasta is an all time favorite. From their truffle fries to their wraps, they basically have every category of food you could expect. Big Z Pasta and Freddy's Wings and Wraps are close second and thirds.

Here's Our Solution to a Healthy Finals Week

-Drink plenty of water (recommended at three liters of water a day)

-Start your day off with a big protein-filled breakfast for brain power and even more protein at dinner, such as grilled chicken with non-starchy vegetables. You'll be full for hours!

-Eat at the right times because you want to keep your energy at a high throughout the entire day.

-Participate in mindful indulgences and follow the three bite rule, meaning you take only three bites of your indulgent item.

-Some healthy snack suggestions: berries and nuts, banana and almond butter, greek yogurt with berries and cinnamon, carrots and celery with hummus or lite dressing, a low-fat protein bar, and so much more.

You Can Still Reward Yourself!

Nothing is better than having something to look forward to. Treat yourself to a box of Insomnia Cookies at 2:00 AM. Now there's all the motivation you need every day to make conscious healthy food decisions while studying.