We’ve all been there: the sleep deprivation, the long hours in the library, and those six empty coffee cups inside your cubicle. Finals week is a long whirl-wind of emotions. So who better to describe those ups and downs than the cast of The Office?

1. You’re totally going to eat so healthy

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As classes come to an end, you optimistically look for some good study snacks, and resolve that you will be a healthy snack guru for the entirety of finals season. Good luck.

2. You have one last meal before the suffering begins

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Savor that last meal in any way you choose…

3. You decide to buckle down

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The only way to get through all of the History readings you put off until now is by taking “study breaks” AKA looking at food Instagrams. You need to get yourself together.

4. You get in a groove and don’t eat for hours

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All of a sudden the French Revolution became fascinating and the hours flew by. Now begins the shameless search for your next meal.

5. You are starving = PIZZA PARTY

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You hit up the group chat: “Guys. lets order pizza!” Before you know it, the Domino’s delivery guy has a large pepperoni with extra cheese outside of your dorm. Happiness.

6. You decide to save ‘dem leftovers

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Some leftover slices? Don’t mind if I do. Excellent all-nighter snack.

7. You get desperate

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The alarm clock goes off at 7:30 and panic sets in, the English paper is due in 5 hours and you are only halfway through your page requirements. It’s time for comfort food.

8. You need. more. food.

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Eat whatever is in front of you, it’s OK. Just get that paper done. Oh wow, you finished the family-size pack. No, no, it’s fine don’t worry about it.

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9. You meet your first deadline = reward

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Treat yo’self, you handed in that paper on time. Go grab a dessert and then get back on that library grind.

10. You get some rest

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Suddenly your 20 minute nap turned into 4 hours. Time to get back to work.

11. You realize you don’t have a grip

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That Econ exam is finally starting to appear manageable…and with three hours to go you find out it’s cumulative. Not just the last three chapters.

12. You get angry

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Why is this happening to you? You are a good person. You don’t deserve this.

13. You begin to have irrational cravings

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It’s 2 am and all you want is cake. A little won’t hurt, right?

14. You give yourself something to look forward to

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Whether it’s pretzel day, or free bagels in the library, you just need to stay strong a little longer until you get more food.

15. You did it!!!!

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FINALS WEEK IS OVER. YOU HAVE SURVIVED. Time to go home and enjoy your summer vacation…until next semester.

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