Since GW doesn't have a dining hall, students can be found at countless venues for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These are not just dining choices, but they truly define who you are.


You're a wholesome person who wants to eat healthy, but you don't really like salads. You also probably LOVE Jose Andres and you use the fact that he has a restaurant on your college campus as a bragging point!


You love to work-out and the only place you like more than the gym is Sweetgreen. You have yoga class in 10 minutes and you just ordered online from Lululemon.


You are probably hungover now and most of the time. Or you enjoy standing in really long lines. But most likely both.


You're not really here for the obnoxiously healthy and over-hyped like the neighboring Beefsteak and Sweetgreen. You're ~cultured.~ You like to follow the crowd somewhat but definitely still get yourself noticed.

Whole Foods

You like variety! Why go to a pizza place or a salad place when you can have it ALL in one place? You also are indecisive. Burger or Sushi? Both?


You love a good party, and you are always the life of the party. You definitely make the most of all of the fun life has to offer. 


You tend to stay with the pack and follow trends. Not necessarily a bad thing because choker necklaces are super cute, eyebrows are important, and Chick-Fil-A is delicious.

Cafe Aria

You live in Thurston. Maybe Mitchell. But probably Thurston, and it is probably your first semester of freshman year.


You're a fun and perfect human, quite simply put. These pizzas are so beautiful and pure, just like you! That is why you have so many friends! 


Your friends go to you for advice because you always know what to do. You like to work smart rather than hard. Why not pay with your G-World and not have to walk off-campus for a sit-down meal? 


You definitely live in Thurston. Maybe Potomac. But if you live in Potomac you may be too tired of Carvings by now.

Food trucks

You're always willing to try new things and are an adventurous person! Just like Swizzler's unique dogs, you are endlessly fun and have an infectious personality.


You're laidback and chill. You just ride the river that is life, branding you the cool one among friends. Just like BTS, you are always there, warm and comforting for those around you.

South Block

You're all about the #healthylife. But sometimes you only go to the gym to get an açaí bowl. Still healthy, so don't let anybody tell you different. Good for you for always keeping your priorities in order.


You are basic. 

So I hope you enjoyed that 100% factual information about your personality based on your favorite GW dining!