The Chick-Fil-A secret menu may be short in comparison to others, but nevertheless it’s packed with some easy swaps and add-ons to their already delicious menu.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich – $3.49

Do you order the hottest sauce for your wings at the bar? Then order a spicy chicken sandwich and ask them to add buffalo sauce.

Fried Chicken Club – $4.49

Short on calories today? Order a chicken club off their menu and ask if they can swap a char-broiled chicken for the fried one.

“Free” IceDream – FREE

If you like to order kids meals to save some calories but end up throwing out the cheap toys, next time ask to replace that toy with a FREE ice cream cone. Did I mention it was FREE?

Root Beer Float – $2.19 and up

Can’t get to the local sock hop? Order a root beer, but ask them to add some vanilla ice cream for this classic American treat.

Spicy Char (*limited locations) – $3.69

Spice up your life with this hot twist to the original char-broiled chicken sandwich. Just ask for a spicy chargrilled patty instead.

Chicken Quesadilla (*limited locations) – $3.99

Can’t decide if you want Mexican or Chick-Fil-A for dinner? Get both! Ask if they can make a chicken quesadilla. They take one of their chargrilled fillets, slice it, put it between a whole grain wrap and then add cheese.

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