You might wake up from a night feeling parched, confused, and hangry. After chugging some water, you need food. But what should you eat? There's no one-size-fits-all hangover cure, but some people have some strange remedies to help get over the morning after.

While you can take steps to prevent a hangover, we took to Twitter, using the hashtag #HangoverCure, to round-up some ingenious hangover hacks.

For some, it's ramen.

Pizza works well too. Leftover or fresh, we ain't got no type. 

Fast food is a major go-to for most people. Greasy, cheap and gets the job done. 

Cheetos seem a little dry to be a good hangover cure. But whatever works.

While having a healthy hangover cure is an enviable antidote. 

What I would do for a breakfast burrito right now though.

My personal favorite, the undeniable Shake Shack. Perfect for any type of feels. 

Not sure about beans on toast. I might skip that one. 

Yet regardless of the food, chillin' on the couch and not moving is always an enticing option.