I'm a sucker for a gimmick. Anything cool and flashy that promises to simplify even just a few seconds of your life has me sold. as a kid, I got excited at late night sleepovers when the 30-minute infomercials would come on. Oxiclean and Billy Mays had my heart. 

I like to think the modern day version of that is viral TikTok products. Whenever a seemingly useful item gets tons of views and sells out quickly, I'm curious if it actually works. The pickle-grabber, the spinning mop, and the veggie chopper all had me wide-eyed and mesmerized. But when I saw the MixitFresh handheld drink mixer go viral, I knew I had to test it out.

This clear piece of plastic promises to attach to any standard-sized can and mix in the alcohol (or other beverage) as you drink with whatever is in the can. As you tip the can and attachment into your mouth, the two liquids mix together. The higher you tip it, the less liquid you get from the mixer, the weaker the sip. The company also claims it helps combat the settling of mixed drinks. In a video on their website, they say as a beverage sits, the different liquids separate affecting the taste.

The MixitFresh comes in simple packaging with a slip of instructions and a QR code that links to a six minute instructional video. The video explains how to pour the booze into the contraption, secure it tight, and attach it to your can. That piece definitely helped, as it's a little hard to distinguish what's top and bottom to the MixitFresh. But once it's attached, you're ready to go.

To really test out the product, I filled the can with blue water and the MixitFresh with yellow water. The idea was that if the two actually mixed, the color of the mixed drink would be green. And to my surprise, it worked really well. 

Felicia LaLomia

Like really well. I could even see the bottom stream of blue liquid turning green as it mixed with the yellow dye. It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out how the alcohol was mixing with the other liquid, but after searching I found it. There are small holes near the top opening that let the booze in the stream

Felicia LaLomia

At this point, you might be asking yourself why you would need a product like this. When drinking at home, you're making your beverages fresh. But this is a perfect accessory for heading to the beach, backyard barbecues, park outings, or drinking in places where you want to be more discreet. For $25, I do think it's a little pricey (full disclosure: the brand sent me this for free to try out), but it's fantastic quality and should last you a long time. My one complaint is it only fits over regular-sized soda cans, so my Arizona-tea-loving self was a little sad to find out those cans are too big. 

I do think there are some fun drinks that can be made with this. You could do a Michelada mixer with a can of Modelo beer. Just fill the product with lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and spices. Or a bloody Mary with a can of tomato juice, mimosas with cans of orange juice (do they make cans of orange juice?), a simple Jack and coke, or gin and tonic.

Buy the MixItFresh here for $19.99 (on sale!)

Image by MixItFresh