I need my water bottle in site at all times. I have a sixth sense for knowing when it's not within arms reach or is running low on liquid. It has to be with me at all times.

But I won't lie, my water bottle is big and clunky — a whole 32 ounces of sheer hydration. And lugging it around from place to place with me is a huge pain. It always, always spills in my purse if I let it roam around free in there.

I can now thank the water bottle gods for sprinkling their H2O magic on me and putting the cup holder purses of Kate Gabrielle on my FYP. 

If you are unfamiliar with her works of art, she makes purses meant for holding water bottles — cup holder purses! I can fit my whole 32 ounce Hydroflask in the cozy little nook and not have to worry about it tipping or spilling or rolling around in my bag hurting my shoulder. More of a tumbler person? These fit the iconic Starbucks tumblers with straws or really any other vessel for your hydration. 

Next to the cup holder is a little compartment to fit the rest of your goodies like your wallet, makeup, and phone, which are completely protected from rogue water. They come in lots of different colors from bright pastels to classic black to clear and start at $55.

It all seems too good to be true! Well, here's the kinda bad news. You can order a purse right from the Kate Gabrielle website, but you won't be receiving it until May of 2023. Currently, they are only available for pre-order. If you are buying this as a present for the holidays, however, you will get a postcard in the mail to give to your hydration buddy letting them know of the amazing gift coming their way.