Ahh, Friends. A truly classic sitcom that you've probably been re-watching over and over since the '90s. The show features six charming and loveable characters, all with very unique personalities. Whether it's quirky Phoebe or Chandler, the king of sarcasm, we all have a favorite friend. This Friends drinking game is intended to capture the best moments of the series. Binge watching these six twenty-somethings figure out adulting is insanely relatable, and what better way to do it than as a drinking game with your own best friends?

This game is open to both old fans and new. You'll need a Netflix account, or a sneaky friend to access a portion of the 10 seasons. A large group of friends is ideal, but any amount will work. As long as you're all ready for a lot of drinks and a good time, this Friends drinking game is for you!

What You'll Need:

- A sipping drink

- Hard liquor

- A ton of friends

Take a sip when...

1. All six characters are together

2. Any character is on the Central Perk couch

3. Someone answers a phone

4. Any character has a coffee

Take two sips when...

1. Joey mentions sex

2. Phoebe wears more than four colors at once

3. You laugh at anything Chandler says

4. Rachel makes a questionable decision

Take a shot when...

1. Ross says "hi"

2. Phoebe mentions her mom

3. Joey gets a part

4. Chandler says "could I BE..."

Finish your drink when...

1. A friend's family member appears

2. Phoebe plays guitar

3. Chandler or Joey are watching Baywatch

4. Monica meets a new guy

Waterfall when...

1. Three or more friends are together anywhere except Central Perk or Monica's apartment

Enjoy this game responsibly with any episode from the 10 seasons. The ultimate Friends Drinking Game is there for you when the rain starts to pour. 

#SpoonTip: If you're having a TV marathon and want to watch other shows, give this drinking game for The Office a try, too.