Food is an integral part of the "Friends" universe that plays a role in several episodes. The characters' unique and sometimes extreme personalities are often a source of amusement. Cupcakes can also be distinct and sometimes even extreme, so I decided to choose a cupcake to represent each of the different characters. 

Did someone say cupcakes?

"The Monica": Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

Everyone knows that Monica can be a little OCD no matter what it comes to, but the show focuses a fair deal on cooking and cleaning. Lemon Meringue cupcakes are a technical challenge difficult to achieve without being very precise and geared towards perfection, and lemon is a great cleaning tool. Overall, these are 100% a Monica cupcake. 

"The Ross": Black Licorice Dinosaur Cupcakes

Ross is a pretty divisive topic when it comes to "Friends"—some people love him and some people despise him more than anything. The same can be said of licorice cupcakes or anything with licorice. Decorate them with dinosaurs to pay homage to both Ross's job and his frequent childish behaviour. 

"The Rachel": Victoria Sponge Cupcakes with a Raspberry Jam Filling

Rachel came from a very fancy, well-to-do family, which reminds me of a Victoria sponge. However, Rachel breaks free from that stereotype and is actually tons of fun, which is why I chose Victoria Sponge Cupcakes with a Raspberry Jam filling. The filling is both a tribute to her wild side and to her infamous trifle. 

"The Chandler": Snickerdoodle Cupcakes

Chandler is the ultimate jokester of the show, which is why I chose Snickerdoodle cupcakes for him. While sometimes his jokes are perfectly timed for the situation, sometimes they're a little awkward and out of place, kind of like a snickerdoodle flavour being put into a cupcake rather than a cookie. Luckily, the flavour is delicious no matter what. 

"The Joey": Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes

Joey is a bit indulgent at the best of times and nothing represents indulgence like a giant chocolate fudge cupcake. He's also a great friend and just the thing you want to bury yourself in when everything else goes wrong. He's also something that every woman loves, just like chocolate. 

"The Phoebe": Kumquat Cupcakes

Phoebe, although she can be a little strange at times, is a crucial element to the show all the same. She can go from sweet to sour very quickly, much like a kumquat. Plus, almost no one has ever heard of kumquat cupcakes. It's the perfect match. 

After a process of intense elimination, these cupcakes were the clear winners. Each one represents their respective character perfectly and is delicious to boot. Try out the cupcake for your favourite character yourself; you may be pleasantly surprised.