It's okay to admit it—Pinterest is your go-to for creative ideas about meals, DIY crafts, or putting an outfit together for a first date. But have you ever wondered what the most popular searched item on Pinterest is? Well, it's food. And the most searched food in each state is not the same. 

Pinterest gathered statistics to compile a list of each state's most popular food, based on what people in each state searched. Do you agree?

1. Alabama: Pound Cake

cake, pie, peanut, butter, apple, peanut butter, caramel, chocolate
Montana Black

It looks like people in Alabama love pound cake. Since there are so many different flavors, it makes sense why people would look to Pinterest for some baking suggestions. 

2. Alaska: Survival Bread 

Survival bread was mainly made during times of war and other long journeys because of its non-perishable nature. This bread has ingredients that are long-lasting and today, it's still made by hikers and survivalists. 

3. Arizona: Chile

soup, chili
Tara O'Connor

Chili does go great with anything and I think Arizona is starting to figure that out. There's no better place to find a new recipe than Pinterest. 

4. Arkansas: Coca Cola 

soda, beer, alcohol, liquor, coke, ice
Photo Courtesy of

Who doesn't love a good, ice cold glass of Coke? People in Arkansas are turning to Pinterest for more creative ways to use this fizzy drink. 

5. California: Figs 

Figs aren't a food you hear about every day, but California wants to get the trend started. Let's hope it catches on. 

6. Colorado: Carnitas 

Who doesn't love carnitas? Colorado is looking for some more creative ways to enjoy this tasty meal, so of course, Pinterest saves the day. 

7. Connecticut: Cannoli 

pastry, cream, chocolate, cannoli
Photo by Emily Irving

A cannoli a day keeps the doctor away? Not quite, but I can dream. Whether the people of Connecticut want to learn how to home make them or for a good place to get a cannoli, Pinterest is the place to go. 

8. Delaware: Crabs 

shrimp, lobster, crab
Olivia D'Aiutolo

It looks like Delaware wants to find more recipes for fishy dishes. Maybe expect some crab cakes or crab legs for your next dinner in Delaware.

9. Florida: Cake Toppers 

cake, birthday cake, buttercream
Madison Mounty

People in Florida must really love decorating cakes. Cake toppers are the #1 search in the Sunshine State. I must say—these cake toppers are pretty dang cute.

10. Georgia: Wing Recipes 

chicken wings, sauce, celery, chicken
Sarah Strong

Wings are perfect for any occasion, so it only makes sense that Georgia's top search is for wing recipes. The toughest decision is trying to decide which flavor to make...

11. Hawaii: Matcha 

tea, coffee, green tea, espresso
Rachael Ross

Matcha can be added to almost anything, so it's the best thing ever. Hawaii is looking for more ideas for how to use matcha. 

12. Idaho: Canning 

jam, marmalade, gelatin, honey, spread
Elizabeth Philip

Idaho just wants to know more about canning sauces - simple as that. 

13. Illinois: Wild Rice Soup 

rice, vegetable, soup
Photo Courtesy of Flickr

What's better to eat on a cold day than a bowl of soup? In Illinois, they'll warm you up with a Pinterest-worthy bowl of soup.

14. Indiana: Noodles Casserole

cheese, casserole, vegetable, spinach
Marisa Palace

Let's be honest, everyone needs a new way to eat noodles. Indiana is just ahead of the game on this one. 

15. Iowa: Chex Mix 

Chex Mix is the perfect thing to grab for an afternoon snack. There're so many different ways to enjoy Chex Mix that you'll never get bored. Iowa needs some inspiration. 

16. Kansas: Chicken Enchiladas

Kansas wants more chicken enchiladas in their life, so they turn to Pinterest. What a wise choice. 

17. Kentucky: Peanut Butter Fudge 

chocolate, candy, milk, fudge, sweet, milk chocolate, cream
Rachel Conners

Fudge and peanut butter. Is there any better combo? Kentucky's dessert game is on point with some Peanut Butter Fudge.

18. Louisiana: Shrimp Pasta

pasta, garlic, shrimp
Elizabeth Vana

Thanks to Pinterest,  Louisiana can add a little more flavor to a normal pasta dish.

19. Maine: Donuts 

cookie, sweetmeat, goody, cream, pastry, sprinkles, cake, sweet, candy, chocolate, doughnut
Virginia Myers

Maine must love donuts more than other states if they search it on Pinterest so much. But who can argue with them? Donuts are man's best friend.

20. Maryland: Scallops 

Seafood is so good, no wonder Maryland searches for scallops the most on Pinterest. 

21. Massachusetts: Butternut Squash 

pasture, vegetable, squash, pumpkin, gourd
Becky Hughes

What an interesting thing to look up on Pinterest. To each their own.

22. Michigan: No Bake Cookies 

oatmeal cookie, pastry, candy, cake, goody, sweet, chocolate, cookie
Kristine Mahan

Why would you want to wait for cookies to bake in the oven when you could enjoy them seconds after you make them? Michigan knows what they're doing with having No Bakes as their #1 search.

23. Minnesota: Broccoli Salad 

broccoli, vegetable, salad, cabbage
Sasha Kran

What better meal to enjoy in the summer than a cold broccoli salad? Minnesota is ready to go when it comes to broccoli salad recipes.

24. Mississippi: Chicken Spaghetti 

linguine, seafood, sauce, pasta, spaghetti
Meg Brownley

You can mix anything with pasta. Mississippi is using Pinterest to get unique, protein-filled pasta recipes. 

25. Missouri: Cheesecake Dip 

chocolate, apple, caramel, cream, peanut butter, banana
Heather Castro

Perfect for any get-together, cheesecake dip will please any crowd. Missouri has the right idea with their Pinterest searches. 

26. Montana: Scones 

chocolate, cookie, sweet, goody, oatmeal
Allison Curley

Scones are a sweet, satisfying way to start the day. There're many different flavors to make that the people of Montana had to turn to Pinterest for help deciding. 

27. Nebraska: Sloppy Joe's 

It looks like the people in North Dakota are craving some Sloppy Joe's. Hey, I don't blame ya.

28. Nevada: Cake Pops 

There's only one thing better than cake and that's a cake pop. They're super to take on-the-go and they're basically mess-free. Props to you, Nevada.

29. New Hampshire: Martinis

You need a drink to go with a meal? Make it a Martini in New Hampshire.

30. New Jersey: Sangria  

cocktail, ice, juice, alcohol, lemon, mint, wine, liquor, lime
Haley Abram

People from New Jersey search for Sangria the most on Pinterest. It's a perfect summertime drink that'll give you a fruity fix during those long, hot days in the sun. 

31. New Mexico: Empanadas

sweet, pastry, cake
Beatrice Forman

Empanadas are even better when they're homemade, so no wonder Pinterest is the place to look. I'm willing to bet New Mexico has some of the best Empanadas thanks to Pinterest.

32. New York: Falafel 

Jacqueline Kindler

New York loves being unique. And I think this Pinterest search of Falafel confirms that they're more unique than the rest of us. 

33. North Carolina: Banana Pudding 

pastry, chocolate, cake, cream, dairy product, sweet
Sarah Strong

Banana Pudding is a great snack on a hot day. And when you're in North Carolina, you should expect some pretty warm days, so it's no surprise that a cool treat like banana pudding is #1. 

34. North Dakota: Oatmeal Bars 

chocolate, cereal
Joyce Yao

North Dakota is taking the traditional oatmeal breakfast to a new level. These easy to-go bars will be good for any lazy morning. 

35. Ohio: Peanut Butter Brownies 

sweet, peanut, peanut butter, candy, cookie, goody, chocolate
Avery Wolfe

Brownies are bae and adding peanut butter to them just makes the even better. Ohio proves that they know that, since that they search for it on Pinterest so much. 

36. Oklahoma: Taco Soup 

Regular tacos are so popular, but who thought of making the into a soup? I guess Oklahoma is taking the credits for that one. 

37. Oregon: Curry

rice, vegetable, fried rice, risotto, meat, pilaf, chicken, pepper
Sarina Raman

Oregon wants to spice things up a little bit, and curry is what they're looking towards. 

38. Pennsylvania: Peach Schnapps

peach, juice, apple
Chandler Seed

You always have to pair a good meal with a good drink. So why not pair that meal with peach schnapps, like those living in Pennsylvania? 

39. Rhode Island: Flower Cupcakes 

chocolate, cream, cake, cupcake
Photo by Kara Schiaparelli

Rhode Island knows that you can make cupcakes even better than they already are by decorating them with flowers. 

40. South Carolina: Red Velvet Cupcakes

cream, cake, chocolate, buttercream, cupcake
Alex Frank

What's cuter than a red velvet cupcake? South Carolina says not much.

41. South Dakota: Tater Tots 

Tater tots can be enjoyed in so many different ways during so many different times. It's only fitting that Pinterest comes to the rescue for South Dakota with more tot ideas. 

42. Tennessee: Cornbread 

Cornbread is a good side to any dinner entree. People in Tennessee are just looking for unique ways to prepare this delicious side dish. 

43. Texas: Stuffed Avocado

avocado, guacamole, vegetable
Katie Luchette

Avocados are a staple in everyone's diet these days. Texas is taking the step that everyone wants to take and finding out what other recipes can be made with avocados. 

44. Utah: Coconut Chicken

Chicken is a common meal, so why not just add some coconut to it for flavor? That's what they're doing in Utah at least.

45. Vermont: Beets

beet, vegetable, beet root, sweet
Katie Zizmor

Vermont shows to have a unique food search. I guess beets could be added to meals for some flavor, though. Let's just let Vermont take care of that for us. 

46. Virginia: Smoothie Bowls 

Walker Foehl

Smoothie bowls have been the new craze across the nation. Virginia wants to know how to make these at home. But let's be honest, don't we all?

47. Washington: Thai Chicken 

Another way to eat chicken, Washington's got us covered. Thai style this time.

48. West Virginia: Pumpkin Desserts 

cream, cookie, chocolate
Rachel Gerton

It doesn't have to be Thanksgiving for you to enjoy pumpkin desserts. West Virginia searches for pumpkin desserts more than any other foods on Pinterest, so they must be making fall last all year long.

49. Wisconsin: Puppy Chow 

Another name for Puppy Chow is "Muddy Buddies", but honestly it's the same thing. It's delicious no matter what you call it. 

50. Wyoming: Energy Bites 

Rachael Tank

Maybe Wisconsin wants these for a mid-morning snack or something to fuel up after a tough workout. Whatever it is, they search for energy balls the most on Pinterest. 

No matter which state you live in, I'm sure you weren't expecting the foods that were picked for each state. Pinterest is a hub for creative ideas, so use it as a source, when in doubt.