Ever caught yourself thinking that you love Costco so much you could marry it? Well, you can't currently marry a grocery store. But one couple did publicly profess their love for each other and the bargain store by getting married in one.

Sue and Eli of Crossroads, Australia tied the knot at their local Costco over the weekend, proving that there is no wedding dream too super-sized.

Sue told Buzzfeed that the initial idea to wed in Costco was a "bit of a joke," but after considering how much time she spent in the store and the supersize of her family, the couple eventually decided that a wedding at Costco "just made sense."

And over the weekend, Eli and Sue got married at Costco, with 90 wedding guests in attendance. The store was still open, and passing shoppers got a glimpse of the festivities. Seriously—the things I would've done to have been a witness. 

No wedding is complete without a delicious meal, and Eli and Sue's wedding was no exception. Catering came from the Costco food court, and included an assortment of pizza, hot dogs, cake, and unlimited fountain drinks. At a reported $10 per person, the Costco wedding proved to be a budget-friendly way to tie the knot. 

So basically, you can get married anywhere you'd like. For those who also wish to have Costco be a part of their special day, the website has an entire page devoted to weddings. Unfortunately, free samples are not included.