When we begin to question life’s ultimate truths, we can always be sure of one thing: Ina Garten loves to party. If you’re a true Ina fan, you probably love her show and also love to drink. I, too, love both of these things, so I’ve created this game for those Friday nights (or Tuesday afternoons) when you watch three episodes of Barefoot Contessa in a row and think “Could this moment get any better?” Well, now it can because now you can play a drinking game while watching the Queen in her castle.

Disclaimer: I wrote this intro after playing this game with my friends (all of which are avid Ina fans). I think it makes my feelings more authentic.

To start:

  • Waterfall during the entirety of the opening jingle. If you’re soft, drink for three seconds instead.

Take a drink…

  • If she calls for a “good” ingredient, i.e. “good vanilla” or “good olive oil”
  • If she shits on store-bought items or says any variation of “store-bought is fine too.”
barefoot contessa

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  • Anytime she calls something “easy”.
  • Each time she kisses someone on the cheek.
  • If she surprises herself at how good her food is.
barefoot contessa

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Take two drinks…

  • If it’s Friday and she’s making chicken for Jeffrey.
  • Any time you get a visual of her garden.
  • If she goes to her local “_____”. Ex: local mushroom farmer, local flower shop, local chicken farm, local cheese shoppe, local bakery, local seafood shop, etc.
  • Anytime you feel sexual tension. Use discretion.
  • If she says any variation of “I think it’s going to be amazing” (wonderful/fantastic).
  • If someone else brings her a gift.



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  • If Jeffrey brings her a gift.
  • If Jeffrey is filmed driving in his car.
  • Any time she makes an alcoholic beverage for herself and Jeffrey.

Finish your drink…

  • If she kisses someone (not Jeffrey) on the mouth.
  • If it’s Friday and she’s not making chicken for Jeffrey.
barefoot contessa

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  • If she goes to buy something, but you don’t see her pay for it.
  • If she ends up cooking for children.
  • Any time she’s eating on a beach and it looks far too windy to eat on the beach.

Take a shot…

  • If you think all of the ingredients in a single recipe cost more than 100 dollars.
barefoot contessa

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halrhorer via tumblr.com

  • If she’s the only woman at a group dinner.
  • If she made a drink that looks way too strong or she sniffs the alcohol before she uses it and seems excited.
  • If a single recipe has more than 15 ingredients.
barefoot contessa

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Ina is my favorite Food Network star and I hope this is a game that would make her proud.

To Ina: If you have any suggestions, please call me or email me or come to my house and make me dinner. I love you.