Starbucks has been upgrading their menu this year with some hype new additions. From the basic af avocado spread to the crazy controversial unicorn frappuccino, Starbucks truly has a fly menu as of late. But that's just in the USA: international Starbucks have there own unique menu options. 

Here are the most extreme international Starbucks offerings you need to try on your next vacation. I'm pretty sure they're better than your fave cake pop.

Soba Salad (Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam)

meat, sauce, bibimbap, egg, pasta, vegetable
Photo courtesy of Starbucks.

This is legit the most put together Starbucks meal I have ever seen. You've got chicken, shiitake mushrooms, crunchy carrots, julienned onion leeks (like, what?), greens, and a soy dressing. Starbucks US, y'all gotta step up your gourmet cooking game. 

Dragon Dumpling (China, and Taiwan)

vegetable, meat
Photo courtesy of Starbucks.

Dumplings are traditionally served during the annual summer Dragon Boat Festival in China, and Starbucks celebrates accordingly. These treats mix shaved ice with classic coffee, tea, and fruit flavors like Strawberry & Cream, Earl Grey Jelly, Mango, and more. 

Green Tea Red Bean Muffin (Hong Kong)

goody, cookie, muffin, sweet, pastry, chocolate, cake
Photo courtesy of Starbucks.

The Green Tea Red Bean Muffin is basically the pastry version of the Green Tea Frappuccino, and it's everything. Don't be confused by the red beans, this baby is a sweet treat. 

Purple Yam Cheesecake (Philippines)

cheesecake, cream, chocolate, cake
Photo courtesy of Starbucks.

Purple yams have been having a moment recently (I'm sure you've seen Ube ice cream on the Insta), and Starbucks is capitalizing on the hype. Because it's made of yams, you can even tell yourself this sweet treat is healthy if ya really want. 

Green Tea Red Bean Mascarpone Cake (Thailand)

tea, matcha, chocolate, pastry, sweet, cream, cake
Photo courtesy of Starbucks.

Is this Starbucks or high tea? Please let me know because this is crazy gourmet. This masterpiece combines green tea sponge cake, mascarpone cream cheese, and red bean paste. 

Chocolate Crunchy Roll (Korea)

chocolate cake, brownie, coffee, goody, cake, milk, cream, candy, sweet, chocolate
Photo courtesy of Starbucks.

This sweet treat combines sponge cake, fresh cream, mascarpone cream cheese, hazelnut, chocolate crunch, and dark chocolate. I truly don't understand how this caliber of flavor can be found at a Starbucks, but this sounds amazing. 

Firecracker Chicken & Giant Cous Cous Hot Box (UK)

corn, rice, stir-fry, pepper, vegetable
Photo courtesy of Starbucks. 

This meal is everything that I try to do with meal prep (but fail miserably). You got a winning combo of cous cous, firecracker chicken, peas, peppers, and chiles all cooked in a Korean-style bulgogi sauce. 

Omelette Façon Piperade (France)

egg, avocado
Photo courtesy of Starbucks

Served with toasted bread, this omelette is made with free-range eggs and mixed with spinach, onion, green pepper, and tomatoes. If you ask me, that's some pretty fancy Starbucks.

Classic Eggs Benedict Style (The Netherlands)

prosciutto, egg, ham
Photo courtesy of Starbucks.

Is Starbucks the next big brunch locale? If they keep serving bangers like this Eggs Benedict with fresh poached eggs, ham, spinach, hollandaise sauce, and whole grain toast, I think yes. 

Halloumi, Kashkawane & Zaatar Wrap (Middle East)

pizza, chicken, bread, burrito, cheese
Photo courtesy of Starbucks.

Halloumi cheese is a Middle Eastern delicacy that tastes similar to mozzarella and kashkawane, and this dish serves it up so well. Beware of the spice from the Zaatar, but it's worth the extra flavor. 

Labneh Sandwich (Middle East)

toast, bread, sandwich
Photo courtesy of Starbucks.

Head over to Starbucks to try the Middle Eastern delicacy of Labneh. You're going to get a quality mix of labneh (soft cheese strained from yogurt), cucumbers, black olives, and fresh mint on bread. This beats your sad desk lunch. 

Cheese Savoury (Turkey)

flour, doughnut, cereal, bun, pastry, dough, bread, wheat, bagel
Photo courtesy of Starbucks.

Like your basic bagel, but so much better. The Cheese Savoury is modeled after the Turkish Simit Bagel, which is baked instead of boiled and tastes a bit sweeter. It's topped with some poppy seeds, olives, walnuts, and cream cheese. 

Pie de Berries (Chile)

dairy product, strawberry, raspberry, pie, blueberry, sweet, chocolate, cream, cake, cheesecake, berry
Photo courtesy of Starbucks.

This tart is both easy to order (Pie de Berries is practically English, people), and incredibly yummy. It has a cream cheese filling and a berry and nut topping for a quality mix of sweet and crunchy. 

Pão Na Chapa (Brazil)

dairy product, butter, toast, bread
Photo courtesy of Starbucks.

Eat breakfast like a Brazilian and try the Pão Na Chapa. It's made with a crunchy baguette and creamy Catupiry cheese. So, basically it's cheesy bread. This sounds like the best hangover cure of all time tbh. 

Muffin de Vanilla y Dulce de Leche (Argentina)

candy, chocolate, pastry, sweet, cake
Photo courtesy of Starbucks.

This muffin is what dreams are made of. It's got a vanilla base and a dulce de leche core. My mouth is legit watering right now. 

Barrita Nuez (Chile)

candy, pastry, pie, sweet, cheesecake, cream, cake, chocolate
Photo courtesy of Starbucks.

It's like a grownup version of the Slutty Brownie. Layered with walnuts, nougat, and dulce de leche, this cookie is the bomb dot com. 

Torta 4 Leches (Chile)

candy, whipped cream, pie, dairy product, pastry, chocolate, sweet, cream, cake
Photo courtesy of Starbucks.

This sponge cake seems far too bougie for Starbucks, but it ain't too good to be true. It is prepared with four varieties of milk (cream, condensed milk, evaporated milk, and whole milk), and is stuffed with manjar caramel. Also look at that meringue topping... yum.

Lemon Raspberry Loaf (Canada)

pastry, sweet, cake, cream
Photo courtesy of Starbucks.

At first glance, this loaf is eerily similar to the raspberry swirl loaf cake served in the US, but it's got a twist. The Canadian version adds lemon to the equation with a lemon base, and then you got the raspberry jam filling, and buttercream top — amazing. 

You can either travel around the world to try all these international Starbucks goodies, or settle for the newest Starbucks summer options in the United States. Whatever you choose, it's sure to be delicious.