Even though we tend to take advantage of it when we're cooking, olive oil can be used outside of the kitchen. There are plenty of uses of olive oil that you may have never considered. From skin care to furniture polish, these tricks will have you running to the store for some extra virgin goodness.

1. Shaving Cream Substitute

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Betsy Chilcoat

Shaving cream can be expensive, and can sometimes irritate your skin. Olive oil is naturally smooth and can decrease razor burn and bumps. It also is an excellent substitute for moisturizer, leaving your legs feeling soft and clean.

2. Hair Conditioner

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Erica Elmslie

Many people use at least some type of oil, whether it be argon or coconut, for their hair. As healthy as these products are for your hair, they can definitely take a toll on your wallet. However, olive oil is both cost effective and nourishing for your hair. Just a little bit a day can keep your hair soft and sleek.

3. Furniture Polish

Let's face it: keeping up with your chores in college can be a challenge. Kitchen counters and coffee tables are often left with rings from your drinks or stains from cooking. Combining olive oil with either lemon juice or vinegar creates a fast and all-natural cleaner for your furniture. 

4. Makeup Remover

Don't be freaked out at the thought of olive oil on your face. It serves as a natural cleanser for other oil-based products, like your makeup. Starting with olive oil can help clean off those hard-to-reach corners of your eyes and does it without the irritation of remover products or wipes. 

5. Cracked Skin Repair

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Gaby Derlly

Dry skin can sometimes be hard to avoid, but using the right moisturizer can help give your skin a healthy glow. Olive oil is an easy and quick way to scrub that dead skin off and return some moisture to your skin as well.

#SpoonTip: Use a pumice stone for your heels and feet, and put socks on afterward to lock in the hydration. 

6. Makeup Brush Cleaner

Both beauty bloggers and amateur makeup enthusiasts agree: you have to clean your brushes at least once a month. Some cleansers are sold in stores. But it's super easy to just make your own cleanser using olive oil and soap. The oil will keep those bristles soft and lush!

7. Sunburn Treatment

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Julia Murphy

If you're like me, even ten minutes in the sun can turn you red as a lobster. The healing process for a burn can be long and uncomfortable. Olive oil can help lock in the hydration that your skin needs to repair itself, as well as keep out bacteria that can infect your already damaged skin. 

8. Prevent Freezer Burn

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Taylor Choi

Freezer burn definitely puts a damper on enjoying ice cream or saving berries for smoothies. Storing your food in jars with a little bit of olive oil can reduce contact with air and keep food fresh and ready to go.

The uses of olive oil extend far outside of the kitchen. Why limit a good thing? Bringing these uses into your everyday live will have your skin glowing and your food well-protected!