Anyone can get a razor burn, and I've been getting razor burns for as long as I've been shaving. Whether I am shaving my legs, underarms, or bikini lines I alway come out of the shower a little itchy and a little red. I even stopped shaving for a while and began to wax, then tried laser hair removal. But who really wants to spend that kind of money in college when you can keep yourself tamed down there on your own? After talking with my mom, sisters, friends, and roommate, I have found some great ways to keep my hair away, along with those itchy little red bumps while continuing to shave. All you need is some self experimentation and TLC. 

Before You Begin

Before I start shaving, I make sure my blade is clean, rust free, and not too old. Then I let my skin soften under warm running water. If I am in the bath, I soak my body for about five minutes. If I'm in the shower, shaving is the last thing I do before I get out. This helps soften your skin and hair.

Once the bikini area is soft and warm, apply shaving soap or conditioner. I prefer using conditioner because it's creamy, and works just as well (if not better) than shaving cream, and is one less thing to buy at the store. The soap will help keep the water in your hair and prevent the razor from cutting your bikini line. Once you're all lathered up, start to shave.

The Process

While we all have different hair on our bodies, technique is pretty universal if you want to keep away from those razor burns. Some of us might have coarse thick curly hair, while others have thin straight strands of hair, but no matter what your hair looks like make sure to shave in the direction your hair is growing in order to get a clean smooth shave (this is downwards).

If you choose to shave in the opposite direction of your hair growth, it will more effectively remove your hair, but you will have a greater risk at irritating your skin. Don't apply too much pressure when shaving or you might irritate your skin as well (if you do need to apply pressure for an effective shave, then your razor is dull). Once you're done shaving gently exfoliate your skin to prevent dead skin and bacteria from infecting your bikini line. Rinse off with cool water in order to close your pores.


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Helen Citrin

Once you're done shaving and ready to dry off, gently tap your bikini line with a towel; try not to rub your freshly shaved bikini as you don't want to irritate your skin. Now that you're shaved, there are still a few more post shower tips you can use to keep away from those dead awful razor burns.

Once you're dry, apply different fragrance free ointments to your body. Using moisturizer, Neosporin, or Aquaphor will help with keeping your skin soft and comfortable. Now put on those cute shorts without worrying about showing too much (if you know what I mean). But seriously, you don't need to shave if you don't want to.