Spoiler Alert: There are spoilers throughout this whole game. If you have not finished Season 1 of "Stranger Things," turn back now. I mean, maybe you're one of those people that reads the last page of a book before diving into the first chapter, but don't do it here. It's too good.

By now you know that the much anticipated second season of "Stranger Things," dubbed "Stranger Things 2," premieres today. If you have plans to celebrate Halloweekend, good for you. You're way cooler than me. But if you plan to stay in and binge watch every episode of the new season, take your fun to another level with this "Stranger Things 2" drinking game.

If you need a refresher, we left off Season 1 with Mike asking Eleven to the Snow Ball, right before she uses her superpowers and basically sacrifices herself to the Demogorgon to save everyone (like a boss). Hopper is mysteriously shown getting into a car, seemingly with the feds. And Will is having Christmas dinner with his family and appears to be alright, until he goes to the bathroom and coughs up some sluggish-looking thing and is transported freaky fast between the Upside Down and the real world. 

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So, invite your friends over, pick your poison, grab some snacks, and get ready to play. No one loses in this game, except, maybe Barb. 

#SpoonTip: This may be a drinking game, but please, drink responsibly. Spoon U does not support binge drinking or underage drinking. 

Take a Sip:

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- Whenever Will is transported back to the Upside Down

- The lights flicker

- Someone says "Demogorgon"

- Whenever Joyce calls Will "honey" 

- Dustin and Lucas make you smile (these guys are the best) 

- Mike takes charge and makes a plan

- Someone says "mouthbreather"

Take Two Sips:

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- Whenever Eleven's nose bleeds

- If you actually see the "Demogorgon"

- You feel a weird tension or flirtation between Nancy and Johnathon (I mean, the actors are already dating IRL.) 

- When someone asks or talks about poor Barb #JusticeForBarb

- If Dr. Martin Brenner dares to show his face again

Take a Shot:

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- If Will coughs up that sluggish stuff again like he did in first season's finale (If Will has to suffer, so do we)

- When Eleven comes back into our lives (YASSS KWEEEN)

Finish Your Drink:

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- If Barb reappears in any capacity (Like wtf! I thought she was a total goner.)

- If Mike actually gets to take Eleven to the Snow Ball 

Eat an Eggo Waffle:

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- When someone else *cough Eleven cough* eats a waffle (You might get the drunchies playing this, alright? Snack on these waffles throughout.)

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Keep this game close by for the premiere, and any other time you're watching "Stranger Things 2." You might not know what's yet to come this season, but do know that much like this game, it's going to get crazy—crazier than Winona Ryder's face at the SAAG awards.