Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Stranger Things 2 comes out on October 27. Like many people, I am beyond ready for Season 2 to come out and fully plan on binge-watching it in its entirety with friends and foods. It takes some serious stamina to be able to binge-watch a full season of a show in one day, so here are some foods to keep up your energy:

1. Benny's Burgers

Benny was such a nice guy and really just trying to help Eleven. He also made some dang good burgers, which was apparent when Eleven was eating. I personally would love to chow down on one while kicking back with a full season of Stranger Things

2. Eggo Waffles

This one is so obvious that it should need no explanation. Eleven's favorite food is great for staying energized. Try one of these Eggo Waffle upgrades to change them up.

3. Coke

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Tess Tarantino

Eleven crushes the can with her mind and people tend to drink it on occasion too. This high-sugar drink will keep you hyped up for hours, which will definitely be necessary when binging. 

4. Nutty Bars

At one point, Dustin dumps the contents of his backpack on the table and lists the foods he's packed for them to keep up their "energy and stamina." Nutty Bars are such a win. They're a classic childhood food that'll take you back to feeling like you're in elementary school like the gang.

5. Trail Mix

raisin, cranberry, almond, nut
Tiare Brown

Chock-full of vitamins and minerals, along with healthy fats, natural sugars, and protein, trail mix really has it all. This is one snack you can feel great about eating all day. Make it just how you like it with these trail mix recipes.

6. Pez

Dustin packs Pez candies with him, a candy of the time. If you can't find this, replace it with your favorite Halloween candy.

7. Nilla Wafers

Nilla Wafers are tasty little cookies just by themselves, but if that gets old, try these variations to keep them interesting. 

8. Pringles

Stackable and delicious, Pringles are every kid's favorite salty snack. It's pretty easy to eat an entire can in one sitting, so make sure to stock up on all the best flavors

9. Coffee and Doughnuts

Hopper had it right. You may have to contemplate life after finishing Season 2, and what better way to do it than with a hot coffee and doughnut in hand?

10. Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate pudding: it's sweet and delicious, and will satisfy your sweet tooth during some potentially dark and stressful moments in the new season. Try making a healthier version with this recipe

11. Beer

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Sheon Han

For those viewers 21+, your Stranger Things binge can be topped off by your favorite beer. You could even celebrate by testing out your shotgunning skills like Nancy! Just don't pull a Barb (rest in peace) and cut yourself.

With all of these foods, you'll be fully prepared to binge-watch Stranger Things 2. Gather your friends and get ready for October 27.