Stranger Things, the sci-fi Netflix original chock-full of nostalgic '80s references, has recently reached an extremely high level of popularity. Between its adorable stars, thrilling story, and anticipation for next season, Stranger Things has quickly become everyone's favorite show.

If you haven't finished watching Stranger Things, or if you're preparing for your next binge-watch, these 11 snacks will make you feel like you're actually experiencing the 1980s firsthand as you enjoy this current supernatural sensation. 

1. Chef Boyardee Spaghetti and Meatballs

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Robert Wehrli

It's smart to start your binge-watch with a snack that could also be considered a full meal. Any Chef Boyardee canned pasta meal will do, but spaghetti and meatballs is definitely a classic that’s sure to bring back some '80s nostalgia.

2. Cheese Balls

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Robert Wehrli

There's no holding back when it comes to cheese balls. It’s best to dig right in and coat your fingers in that artificially flavored cheese powder to enjoy the full experience as you settle into the show.

3. Ring Pops

Robert Wehrli

Ring Pops were a well-known staple for any kid in the 1980s, so slap a few on your hand and flaunt that bling bling to feel like a true '80s baby.

4. Cool Ranch Doritos

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Robert Wehrli

Cool Ranch Doritos were an essential food item in every pantry in the 1980s, like bread or ketchup. Make sure you have a bag in your own kitchen to turn your house into a throwback '80s crib before you begin your Stranger Things marathon.

5. Oatmeal Creme Pies

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Robert Wehrli

I may not have grown up in the '80s, but when I was a kid I had a deep obsession with Oatmeal Creme Pies. Little Debbie sure knew what she was doing when she created these addictive sweet snacks.

6. Capri Suns

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Robert Wehrli

Hydration is an essential part of any long binge watch session, and Capri Suns are definitely the right choice if you’re trying to achieve the full '80s experience while you watch Stranger Things.

7. Lunchables

Robert Wehrli

Break out the turkey and cheese Lunchables when you feel like you may need to eat something more substantial than Oatmeal Creme Pies and Doritos during your Netflix sesh.

8. Funyuns

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Robert Wehrli

Funyuns are another basic '80s snack that will automatically make you feel reminiscent of the days of pop music, neon colors, and MTV as you chow down.

9. Firecracker Popsicles

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Robert Wehrli

These nostalgic popsicles are a refreshingly sweet option to snack on as you continue your Netflix spree.

10. Pop Tarts

Robert Wehrli

It's always smart to have a box of Pop Tarts in your house, even when you're not trying to achieve that '80s aesthetic.

11. Eggo Waffles

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Robert Wehrli

It would have been a disappointment if Eggo Waffles were not included on this list. Pop a few in the toaster oven and indulge as your Stranger Things binge watch session comes to a close. 

These 11 snacks should get you through your Netflix marathon and remind you of the greatest decade of all time as you develop your Stranger Things obsession.