Call your friends over, log into Netflix, and get ready for the best viewing party ever, because Stranger Things is back. You could watch the upcoming season binging it alone in your bed, or you could share the geeky love with your friends. Here's how you can throw an awesome Stranger Things viewing party under $20.

1. Make Eleven Proud and Get the Goods

Noelle Monge

I know you're wondering what actually goes into throwing the coolest Stranger Things viewing party ever. And the answer to that is pretty simple: Ice cream, waffles, and (in the spirit of Halloween) a big ol' bag of mini versions of your favorite candy. 

From Target, I was able to find a simple but important pint of Hagen Daz vanilla ice cream for $3.50, a box of Eggos (of course) for $3, and a bag of Mars brand chocolates to amp up the waffles and ice cream for $5. Because I don't have too many friends coming over for my viewing party, this amount was perfect for us. However, the budget allows you to get at least one more essential. 

Set up wise, you should keep it simple by pre-toasting or microwaving your Eggo waffles. The ice cream can be taken out whenever someone needs a refill, and the mini candies can just be laid out for you to enjoy. Any flavor of waffle, ice cream, or candy mix will be the best so make sure to customize it to your taste. 

2. Some Fun Decorations

Noelle Monge

When I think of Stranger Things, many themes and images come to mind but one of the most important ones is the string lights and alphabet set up. Now, if you don't have the time to recreate it exactly, you can add some of its influence in a few different ways. 

I opted for these fun glow in the dark sticks with necklace adapters from Target that were just $3 so my friends could wear for an extra measure of festivity and reuse during Halloween. Every great party has party favors!

This viewing party is also the best excuse to get into the spooky spirit this Hallows eve. For another $3 or $4 dollars, you can purchase cute, vibrant decorations to intensify your watching experience. Plus, it'll make converting your Stranger Things Party into a Halloween get together. 

3. Get Comfy and Cozy

Noelle Monge

Let's be real, you'll probably binge watch the whole season in one sitting because Stranger Things is just that good. Now that you have your staple snacks and some fun decorations, it just comes down to making your watching space as comfortable as possible.

I'd suggest grabbing every and any pillow and blanket you can find and put your pillow fort-making skills to the test. It's a perfect setup for an endless amount of hours watching Eleven do her thing. If you can get your hands on a projector or even a TV, use it to turn up your viewing experience more. 

Whether you're just hanging out with your roommates or are inviting a bunch of friends over, throwing a Stranger Things viewing party is a definite must. With waffles, candy, and simple but cute decorations, you'll definitely have fun while doing some justice for Barb.