Fordham is in the heart of the Bronx's Little Italy, but the area has even more to offer than delicious Italian food. Fordham has some unique and unforgettable treats both on and off campus.  So if you're a Fordham student, make sure to enjoy the full extent of Fordham's mouthwatering food scene. 

1) Enjoy a Slice (and a Chicken Roll) at Pugsley's Pizza

Pugsley's Pizza is the most iconic Fordham food spot. I mean if you haven't had a slice at Pugsley's, do you even go to Fordham? All of us true Fordham foodies know that Pugsley's is so much more than a pizza place. It's a place where Sal plays the saxophone on your birthday, you occasionally hit a gong, and if you're lucky, you have a "special" named after you. It's a family restaurant filled with ramily where everyone knows that Love Is It. What more could you ask for?

2) Have Your Parents Buy You a Meal on Arthur Avenue

While we do live in the Little Italy of the Bronx, as students, sometimes our wallets can't always afford a trip to Arthur. Thankfully, there is parent's weekend, and Mom and Dad might even want to go to Arthur Ave more than you do. Choose any restaurant, because I promise you can't go wrong. It's Italian cooking the way it should be.

3) Go to Midnight Breakfast

Maybe you've had a caf breakfast while being here at Fordham, but you haven't REALLY had a caf breakfast until you've eaten scrambled eggs served to you by the one and only Fr. McShane at 10pm the night before your final. If you're an experienced midnight breakfast goer, you know that the waffle station is incredible and you have to get there early to get a seat.

4) Hang Out in Rodrigue's Coffee House

 If you've never hung out in Rodrigue's, you need to get on that ASAP. This cute and comfy hipster hangout is a great study spot or great place to play a board game with friends. From great coffee to concerts, there is so much to love about Rod's!

5) Enjoy an Italian Dessert

Whether you're getting gelato at Ferragosto or just getting a cannoli from Delillo's, there are so many sweet treats around Fordham. Walk into any of the pastry shops and your mouth will be watering. Of course, if you've had your fill of Italian desserts (if that's even possible), you can get a Simon's milkshake right around the corner.

6) Take Part in The Rams Deli Plus vs Best Deli Debate

Everyone has a favorite. From which has the better sandwiches, to which has the better atmosphere, there are so many factors to consider when picking your favorite deli. Of course, if you're asking me, I'll say something in between because while I'd give the sandwiches at RDP a 10 out of 10, I'd say that Best has the better ice cream selection.

7) Go to a Diner for Brunch

While some may think that Manhattan is the place to go for a nice brunch, the diners surrounding Fordham can't be beat. Pete's, M&G's, and Webster Cafe are just a few of the cozy and old fashioned diners with great food, perfect for a weekend brunch.

8) Study at Prince Coffee House

While Prince is relatively new to Arthur Ave, it has become a prime study spot among Fordham students. With its modern decor, comfy couches, and sweet treats, you'll want to spend all day in this coffee house (studying optional).

9) Buy Fresh Produce From St. Rose's Garden

St. Rose's Garden is an organic garden right on Fordham's campus. Students volunteer their time to grow vegetables such as cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, and broccoli. For about $2 a pound, you can have a share of this locally grown organic produce delivered to you on a weekly basis. You can even join Fordham's CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) if you'd like to help support the garden.

10) Go Into Manhattan to Try Out That Trendy New Food Place

While there is so much good food on and around Fordham's campus, we all know that while Fordham is our school, New York is our campus. Therefore, going to Manhattan to try out a trendy new food place is a Fordham experience in itself. There's something so satisfying about reading about a new food trend one day and trying it out the next day. 

While students love Fordham for its academic rigor, Jesuit values, and close community, we must admit that Fordham has some pretty awesome food too.