Rodrigue's is more than just coffee and cool hipster vibes. From hosting famous bands like Matt and Kim to giving to charities, there are some awesome things about Rodrigue's that you may not know... I chatted with one of the 2016-2017 Rodrigue's co-presidents, Ian Donohue, to get the scoop on this historic coffee house.

1. It's a New York registered landmark

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Sarah Kimball

There's a lot more history in this tiny coffee shop than you may think. William Rodrigue, the architect of Fordham University, built this Alumni House in 1841, and it is the second oldest building on campus (with the oldest being Cunniffe House). While many people are surprised to hear that it's a New York registered landmark, I think it's quite worthy of this honor. 

2. The Staff Drink Book is cooler than the Secret Starbucks Menu 

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Sarah Kimball

With drinks such as Breakfast at Grandma's and San Franspresso, the Staff Drink Book is like a magic book of warm beverage wonderfulness that holds the recipes to some unique drinks to say the least. The Staff Drink Book was started in 2013 and is a book where the Barista of the Week can create his or her own specialty drink. Not only do these BOWs get to design their own drink, but they also get to design a page in the book.

3. A bunch of famous bands have played there

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Sarah Kimball

If you haven't been to a free concert at Rodrigue's, you're just not doing college right. The coffee shop has hosted a lot of more underground acts, but some of them have gone on to become big stars. Heard of Matt and Kim? Before they played at Fordham's 2016 Spring Weekend, they played at Rodrigue's in 2007. Rod's has also hosted LVL UP, Porches, Frankie Cosmos, Pinegrove, PWR BTTM, Mitski, and even Titus Andronicus. A singer that really put Rodrigue's on the map is Jeff Rosenstock. When he played at Rod's on the Bronx stop of his "5 Boroughs in One Day NYC tour," he gave Rod's a shoutout for being the best show of the day, and you can see Rodrigue's featured in the music video of his song "You, In Weird Cities."  If you want to take a look at all the incredible musicians who have stopped by Rod's in the past six years or so, walk in and take a look at the piano. Every traveling band who has played there signs it, as is a part of the Rod's tradition. 

4. The money goes to charities 

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Sarah Kimball

You might be surprised to learn that those friendly students who make you your coffee at Rodrigue's are actually volunteering their time there. Okay, maybe they get in on some free coffee too, but all the money that doesn't cover new drinks and supplies goes to worthy causes. Each week at their general meeting, the Rodrigue's staff gets together to vote on a new charity. They have donated to the Catholic Worker, Epiphany Mentoring, the UN Refugee Agency, and POTS to name a few. 

5. From Art Day to open-mic nights, Rod's is an all-around great place to hang

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Sarah Kimball

Just when you thought Rodrigue's couldn't get any cooler, it does. Not only does the coffee house have a shelf full of games you can play at your leisure, but it is also the venue for a variety of scheduled activities for students to enjoy throughout the year. For instance, open-mic nights take place on a Tuesday each month and are open for students who want to show off their talents or simply enjoy some great music. Other events have included a haunted house, laser tag, and karaoke night. All of the events are suggested by Rodrigue's members and carried out by the club. One particularly unique event that Rodrigue's holds is Art Day. On this day that takes place once a semester, the staff puts out a bunch of art supplies and anyone can come in to make art in the various provided mediums. With paints, pencils, a button maker, and more, Rod's offers everything a student needs to let his or her creative juices flow.

6. There was a balcony incident with Matt and Kim in 2007

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Sarah Kimball

Rodrigue's wasn't always in the quaint little Alumni House near the freshmen residence halls. From 2007 - 2009, Rod's was relocated to the basement of McGinley and not for no reason... As the story goes, in 2007 there was a particularly rowdy Matt and Kim concert with a few too many people hanging from the balconies in Rod's. As Matt told the Rod's staff at Spring Weekend last year, he thought the place was going to collapse, and the university decided to relocate Rod's while Alumni House was being renovated.