Concerts are the manifestation of all the feels. You feel happy, awestruck, and excited all once. But mostly, you feel hangry AF, especially after the encore ends.

Finding carb-y, cheap comfort food after a show is tough, but that's why I'm here to tell you the five best places to eat after a concert in NYC.

1. Jacob's Pickles: Poutine

poutine, sauce, cheese, gravy
Beatrice Forman

Located blocks from the Beacon Theater, Jacob's Pickles is the love child of a downtown club and Paula Deen's kitchen. The music is thumpin', the lighting is dark, and the food is buttery. The real standout, though, is the poutine. It's large enough to share and filled with all of life's best things: fries, cheese, and gravy. Still not enough? Check out their Texas-sized buffalo mac n' cheese.

2. Artichoke Basille's Pizza: Artichoke Slice

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A short walk from Webster Hall, Artichoke Basille's is everyone's favorite 'za. Each bite feels like a warm hug from an Italian grandmother. The artichoke slice is the perfect mix of cheesy and healthy. Squares more your thing? They offer Sicilian slices, too.

3. Shake Shack: The 'Shroom Burger

tomato, beef, meat, onion, lettuce, hamburger
Beatrice Forman

Situated in Grand Central Station, this location is perfect for all my bridge-and-tunnel peeps. Shake Shack absolutely kills the veggie burger game. They offer a portobello mushroom stuffed with literally all the cheeses that will convert any carnivore to vegetarianism. Feeling adventurous? Check out Shack's ever-changing Custard Calendar. 

4. Sweet Chick: Chicken And Waffles

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Legend has it that Leonardo DiCaprio ate here twice and you can too. If you're looking for the after party's after party, Sweet Chick is the place. Their hip-hop meets hotcakes atmosphere makes for the perfect nightcap, especially when their waffles are involved. Does savory butter your biscuit? Swap classic waffles for bacon-cheddar flavor.

5. The Meatball Shop: All the Balls

Ballin' all over the city? Look no further. The Meatball Shop's locations throughout Manhattan serves everyone's Italian favorite– meatballs. With sandwiches, salads, and extensive vegetarian options, this spot has something for everyone. Their balls are all-around excellent, especially in a hero. Like a good scoop? Chase your meal with a customizable ice cream sandwiches.