Just because you’re a broke college kid, doesn’t meant you should can home for Thanksgiving empty-handed. That’s crazy talk. Besides, you gotta show the fam at home that you’re taking advantage of all the great food in the area—down to that last slice of local pizza.

The first step is making the choice of sweet or savory. Regardless, we’ve got the list for you. Here are 10 foods you can bring home to your family for this food-centric holiday:

1. Cannolis from Palombo’s


Courtesy of The Ram Realm

If you haven’t tried cannolis from Palombo’s or brought them home for everyone to enjoy, do you even go to Fordham?

These babies are classic, but make sure you buy them right before you head home in order to keep them crunchy.

2. Fresh Mozzarella from Casa Della Mozzarella


Courtesy of Gothamist

Gothamist, NY Magazine and Yelp users hail Casa Della Mozzarella as one of the best in the business. Though a little pricey, this cheese is worth the hype and the perfect hors d’ouvres for the holiday.

3. Italian Cold Cuts from Teitel Brothers


Courtesy of bronxlittleitaly.com

Just get anything from here. Teitel is also an Italian specialty market, so feel free to pick up any sauces, seasonings or the like while you’re in.

4. Anything from Tino’s


Courtesy of Tino’s Deli

Tino’s is by far a Fordham favorite.  From preprepared foods to deli meats and cheese to coffee, this deli is the bomb and anything is worthy for a Thanksgiving celebration—especially if your family is Italian.

5. Fresh Pasta from Borgatti’s


Courtesy of The Ram Realm

Fresh raviolis and egg noodles are what give Borgatti’s its rep. You can buy these by the box and store them in the refrigerator or freezer for a longer period of time. This just screams “Little Italy.”

6. Black and White Cookies from Marrone Pastry Shop & Cafe


Photo by Emily Oppenheimer

Who doesn’t love a classic black and white cookie? They are a fan favorite. No better place to get them from than Morrone. Check out their cakes while you’re at it.

7. Assorted Italian Cookies from Delillo


Courtesy of nycgo.com

The amount of choices Delillo Pastry Shop has is never-ending. But, you can’t go wrong. Your fam would definitely appreciate these delicious cookies.

8. Burrata from Joe’s Italian Bakery



This burrata is so delicious it is unreal. Your family is going to be begging for you to bring more home next time. I guarantee they eat it all in 5 seconds.

9. Fresh Bread from Madonia Brother’s Bakery


Courtesy of roadfood.com

This bread will be perfect to go along with your Thanksgiving feast. Nothing better than the smell of fresh bread, might I add.