If you've made it to this page, I'm assuming your collection of snack foods has started to bore you. But not to worry, bland snacker, you're not alone. I began to experience the same problem with the snacks in my dorm room, so I went on a mission to find strange food combinations that are unexpectedly delicious (or at least their inventors claim they are). These are the fruits of my conquest.

1. Peanut Butter Jelly and Goldfish Sandwich

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Rachel Serebrenik

I have always heard that some people like to put chips in their sandwiches to give it an extra crunch, so this didn’t surprise me too much when I heard about it. However, I wasn't completely convinced. Peanut butter and jelly is such a staple — why mess with it? But, the creator of this snack food combination promises that the Goldfish give the sandwich everything you didn’t even know was missing: a little bit of savory, a satisfying crunch and enough salt to offset the sweetness of the jelly.

2. Hummus and Dried Cranberries

Rachel Serebrenik

Hummus and crackers are a staple to any college dorm room, of course. This year, I learned about a new addition to this snackfood combination: dried cranberries. Random, right? My roommate invented the combination. After dipping her cracker in hummus, she tops with two or three dried cranberries and then pops it in her mouth. I was extremely skeptical, but she forced me to try it and honestly, WOW. It doesn’t seem like it would make much of a difference, but adding just a few cranberries onto your hummus cracker changes everything. It adds a little bit of tang to make the snack more interesting and it solves the problem of hummus and crackers being too dry. I now refuse to purchase hummus and crackers without dried cranberries to accompany them.

3. Veggie Straws Dipped in Chocolate Ice Cream

Rachel Serebrenik

My first thought was "what?!" How is it possible that while you were eating a veggie straw (which in my opinion taste a little bit like cardboard), you thought to yourself, “hmm, this would be really good with chocolate ice cream,” — like what? No. That’s simply not logical. Somehow, though, it is my crazy roommate's favorite snack (among the other strange ones I've mentioned). She claims that it tastes very similar to the newly popular combination of french fries dipped in a milkshake. I personally don’t understand why you wouldn’t just always opt for the latter, but to each his own.

4. Cheez-Its and Nutella

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Rachel Serebrenik

I know sweet and salty together is popular, but cheddar cheese in chocolate? Again, I was skeptical. But earlier in the semester, a long night out ended with a slim selection of snacks, so fate brought my eyes to this uncommon duo. Surprisingly, it tasted fantastic! The smoothness of the Nutella balances out the sharpness in the Cheez-Its. This is a dangerous food combo to have around.

5. Pizza Rolls and Soy Sauce

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Rachel Serebrenik

A friend in my dorm essentially grew up with this combination. She says that the saltiness of it makes it irresistible. Her secret is to rip open the pizza rolls and pour the soy sauce inside so that the flavors are evenly spread out before eating them. I can't say I've been brave enough to try this one, but I suppose extra salty pizza does sound enticing. 

6. Oreos and Mustard

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Rachel Serebrenik

And finally, the strangest of all strange food combinations: Oreos and mustard. OK, so peanut butter and Oreos like in the parent trap? Totally okay with that! That’s sweet and savory and salty deliciousness all in one. But MUSTARD? I think someone is going to have to pay me to get me to try this one, but this snack food combo creator promises that the two flavors complement each other perfectly — if anyone is brave enough to try it, you may be in a for a pleasant surprise.

So, there you have it! The weirdest snacks I've ever come across. I challenge you to try all of them. Do it, you won't (but then again, neither will I).