America's game, been waiting all day.

You may have been waiting all day for the game, Carrie Underwood, but I've been waiting all day for the food. As the weekend comes to an end and the Sunday scaries begin to creep in, there's nothing like cheering on your favorite football team to take your mind off that ten-page English paper due at midnight. Game first, school work second. Priorities have to be set. While you can't always rely on your team for pulling out a win (*cough* Jets *cough*), you can rely on your game day snacks.

Some of you may wear jerseys or paint your faces to root your team on, but why not support them through your snacks as well? The following recipes are not only affordable and tasty, but they'll help take your game day obsession to that next level.

1. New York Jets: Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Samantha Ho

Jerseys won't be the only green and white you see when the Jets take the field. Try making this festive spinach and artichoke dip while enjoying the game from Revis Island. 

2. New York Giants: Pizza Rolls

bread, dough, pastry, sweet
Kirby Barth

Whether you're a true New Yorker or not, there's no denying that New York is home to some of the best pizza around. Save some money with these super simple pizza rolls that will give New York a run for its pizza. 

3. Philadelphia Eagles: Mini Cheesesteak Bites

cheese, pastry
Paige Marie Rodgers

Pat's or Geno's? Join the legendary cheesesteak competition with this rendition of the Philly staple food.   

4. New England Patriots: Fiesta Baked Bean Dip

parsley, vegetable, soup, chili, tomato, meat, cabbage
Hana Ezaldein

This Boston baked beans-inspired recipe is so wicked good, it'll even make Coach Belichick smile. Although we’re not sure Tom and Gisele would approve.

5. Baltimore Ravens: Crab Rangoon

sauce, salsa, samosa, chili
Ashly Kim

No matter if the Ravens win or lose, if you're a seafood lover, you're never losing with Maryland. If you're from Maryland or rooting for the Ravens, you know that the state is known for its blue crabs. Break out the Old Bay and wonton wrappers and give this crabby game day snack some time on the field.  

6. Buffalo Bills: Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

sauce, vegetable, meat, chicken
Maxwell Faucher

Let's hope these buffalo chicken meatballs can warm you up in those frigid Buffalo winters. You'll be doing your own touchdown dance when you taste how delicious these meatballs are.

7. Carolina Panthers: Double Glazed Funfetti Donuts

cake, sprinkles, chocolate, candy, pastry, doughnut, sweet, cookie, cream, goody, sweetmeat
Annie Madole

North Carolina is home to the famous Krispy Kreme, so you donut want to miss out on this chance to pay homage to the original donut kings.

8. Atlanta Falcons: Pulled Pork

pork, sandwich, coleslaw, slaw, beef, bun, bacon
Leigh Needham

Atlanta is the gateway to the south, so naturally BBQ is one thing there's plenty of. Be sure to put out extra napkins with this savory pulled pork recipe to avoid saucey hands after a round of celebratory high fives.

9. Miami Dolphins: Apple Cider, Pear, and Pomegranate Sangria

juice, ice, cocktail, lemonade, sweet, apple, tea, iced tea
Rebecca Buchanan

With this sangria recipe, you get the best of both worlds. Apple cider will remind you of the brisk, fall football weather, and pear and pomegranate will transport you back to those hot Miami beaches.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars: Tuna Tartare 

vegetable, meat, tomato, pepper, beef, sauce, tuna tartare, parsley
Julia Murphy

Florida reels in some of the freshest seafood along the east coast, ranging from fish to alligator.  While alligator may be a little complicated to catch, this tuna tartare won't put up a fight.