Before leaving for my summer abroad in Israel, I made sure to do extensive research on things I wanted to see and the noteworthy hot spots. Being that this was going to be my third time visiting Israel, I wasn't as focused on ancient sights or museums. I had my mind on all the food I was about to be eating.

Obviously I had to ask friends for great recommendations. I asked two girls that studied abroad in Tel Aviv for a list of their favorite places. Since I know what seems to be an infinite amount of people traveling to Israel for Birthright or Onward, I've seen one restaurant that I've always known I had to go to - 

The Old Man and the Sea.

Jackie Heller

What's the Big Deal?

I've always seen pictures of endless small dishes on a table filled with salads, dips, and veggies. As soon as I sat down at my table, our server brought over all of these highly anticipated plates, accompanied by a bowl of roasted cauliflower and falafel, as well as homemade lemonade. It's no joke when people tell you not to fill up on this first round of food. Everything is so delicious and it's hard to control yourself when surrounded by so much amazing food. 

Jackie Heller

How to Approach the Madness

Of course you have to take a bite from each plate, but be careful with the pita. It's dangerously good but can also fill you up. Even if you don't like falafel, you have to try it here. One bite and the falafel just melts in your mouth. Speaking as a big fan of falafel, this was the best I've ever had. The roasted cauliflower is also amazing and worth a bite, or two, or ten. About ten minutes into this food journey, you can order your main course. Trust me, I know how crazy it sounds that there's even more food. My recommendation is to order one entree to split between two people. Even though one person will have to pay for the appetizers, it's cheaper than ordering two entrees and will save your pants from bursting open. 

Jackie Heller

Behind the Food 

Not only is the meal amazing, but the view is amazing from your table as well. If you sit outside, under shade of course, you can see the Mediterranean Sea. The restaurant is located in the Jaffa Port and is incredibly beautiful. The interior of the restaurant is also a sight worth seeing. There's a wall covered with tiny boats that would look great on any Instagram story.

Worth the Hype?

In one word - yes. Usually when so many people go to the same restaurant and post the same pictures from it, I get a bit skeptical. But, The Old Man and the Sea is not just a restaurant, it's an experience. In my opinion, everyone should witness and taste this incredible food adventure. 

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