When you are studying abroad in Spain, you will most definitely see the importance food has in the lives of all living there. Hopefully, by the end of your experience abroad, you will create a special place in your stomach for all these authentic and delicious Spanish foods. 

Fried Calamari

chicken, meat
Jessica Stern

If you like calamari in the United States, then you will LOVE calamari in España.


cheese, bread
Jessica Stern

If I could eat Jamón all day I could. Jamón is perhaps the greatest meat of all time. Whether you eat it on a sandwich, with some Manchego cheese, or plain, Jamón will most definitely not disappoint. 


cheese, chips
Jessica Stern

Chorizo is another Spanish meat that will have your mouth watering. My mouth is watering by just looking at this picture. 

Patatas Bravas

Jessica Stern

When my host mom made this for me the first time, I just could not have enough of it. Potatoes drenched in aioli and a special tomato sauce. Enough said. 


fish, mussel, shrimp, shellfish, seafood, paella
Jessica Stern

This is a variation of the typical paella you may have eaten before. Fideos are thin noodles that are chock-full of flavor. Add in some muscles and shrimp and you have yourself a fine meal.


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Jessica Stern

This is not your average tortilla. When I thought of tortilla, I thought I would be eating some bread. Boy was I wrong. Tortilla Española is comprised of egg and potato. It can be eaten literally at any time of day, on a sandwich or on a plate, with chorizo baked inside or without. You name it; the options are endless


Jessica Stern

Croquettes are filled with surprises. Honestly, sometimes you may not know what is inside it. Eat it anyway, it's all part of the experience of studying abroad. 


cream, squash, soup
Jessica Stern

This soup is very similar to gazpacho, except it is made with creme. Served chilled, it is a nice, refreshing dish to have after a long and hot summer day.

Pan con Tomate

Jessica Stern

How could something so simple be so delicioso? Tomato, oil, and bread is all you need. Bonus points if you top it off with some layers of jamón.

Churros y chocolate

hot chocolate, milk, chocolate
Jessica Stern

If you have never tried a churro before, Spain is definitely the place to do so. Fried dough drenched in rich chocolate will satisfy anyone's sweet tooth. If you don't believe me, check this out. 

Pulpo a la Gallega

bacon, chicken
Jessica Stern

Even if you aren't a fan of octopus, I suggest you try this dish at least once. The different spices will explode in your mouth with each bite. Be adventurous while you are abroad; you will regret it if you are not!

Fanta Limón

soda, ice, lemonade, juice, milk
Jessica Stern

Fanta Limón is hands down the biggest thing I miss about Spain. This soda is not found anywhere in the United States. Cherish it while you have access to it.

Arroz Negro

Jessica Stern

If you want a new twist on paella, try this variation which is made with squid ink. It may not sound that appealing, but I promise it won't disappoint. 10/10 would recommend. 

Huevos Rotos

cheese, ham
Jessica Stern

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any meal in between. You can't go wrong when ordering huevos rotos. This dish consists of french fries topped with eggs and jamón. Yum!


pizza, vegetable, meat, paella
Jessica Stern

Last but not least, one must try paella while they are spending time abroad in Spain. This typical dish is one that most people know and love. Try cooking it yourself like I did.