1. The Butcher's Daughter

Loanne Merlin

19 Kenmare Street; 581 Hudson Street; 271 Metropolitain Avehttps://www.thebutchersdaughter.com/ 

You might have to wait in line, especially if you go on Saturday or Sundays, but anything on the menu makes it 100% worth it. They are fully vegetarian which even allows you to feel like you are making healthy decisions. The setting makes you feel like it's summer even if it is snowing outside and the positive atmosphere and bustle in the background makes it the perfect place to have a festive brunch with friends. The restaurant has large windows and lots of plants inside which is exactly the atmosphere you want if you need a break from the cold winter. But their terraces that open in spring are unbeatable and ideal for a summer brunch outdoors with friends. Without a doubt, it is definitely one of Must Try Brunch Spots of New York City.

2. Cafe Clover

Loanne Merlin

10 Downing Sthttps://www.cafeclovernyc.com/

This slightly pricier brunch option is perfectly located for a nice little post-brunch stroll and has the cutest chic interior ever. On weekends it can get quite loud but if you're looking for a busy bustle-y environment to celebrate the weekend, don't hesitate. They offer your regular brunch menu (pancakes, eggs, etc) with some options that have an extra twist of originality, like their lavender waffles and quinoa pancakes. 

3. Jack's Wife Freda

Loanne Merlin

50 Carmine St; 116 8th Ave; 224 Lafayette St;    http://jackswifefreda.com/

This iconic brunch spot with an instagram famous green shakshuka is simply a must if you like eggs. With three locations around the city, they also sometimes require a wait to be seated because of how popular it has become. It definitely is a must-try brunch spot, so head over now. The interior gives a family-style atmosphere all while remaining very satisfyingly cute. The whole menu is so appealing you might want to go with a group of friends just so you can order many dishes and try them all. 

4. Sadelle's

Loanne Merlin

463 W Broadway; https://www.sadelles.com/

Around the city, most of the best places to eat bagels are in tiny shops where you buy a bagel to-go. But at Sadelle's, the bagel experience is very different. It is probably the best spot in New York if you want that brunch atmosphere but at the same time, you still want smoked salmon bagels. They also have the most amazingly good, filling and pretty salads you'll every see. Chances are you'll over order so go with a few friends to help you finish it all.

5. Citizens of Chelsea

Loanne Merlin

401 W 25th St; https://citizens.coffee/

This is also another one of those 'must try', iconic brunch spots in the city. It is so popular that there is usually a wait to get a table, but it is definitely worth it. The 'green' interior makes you feel like it is summer and their drop dead menu makes it the perfect brunch spot if you want to stroll around Chelsea or the Meatpacking district afterwards. They also have a second location called Citizens of Gramercy that is slightly smaller but serves food that is just as good. If you haven't been yet, head downtown as soon as possible because it is one of best must try brunch spots in New York City.

6. Two Hands

Loanne Merlin

164 Mott St; http://www.twohandsnyc.com/

This Australian inspired cafe is a small, cute and simple brunch spot. Whether you want to go with friends or sit by the window and read a book, the cozy, beach-vibe interior is perfect for both options. Don't hesitate to try their amazing avocado toast that is 90% avocado and 10% toast. 

7. Sarabeth's

423 Amsterdam Ave; 40 Central Park S; 381 Park Ave S; 339 Greenwich St; https://sarabethsrestaurants.com/

If you want that typical breakfast with pancakes, toast, lots of bacon and eggs, try Sarabeth's, chances are they'll have what you want on the menu. One of the best orders definitely has to be the lemon ricotta pancakes. With multiple locations around the city, even in Chelsea Market, you will surely find one that is convenient for you. They also order non-breakfast/brunch options so if you're near one for lunch or dinner, it is also a great option. This makes it not only one of the 'must try' brunch spots in New York City but also, a 'must try' spot. 

With all these 7 must try brunch spots now on your list of places to go to, you can now be assured that your next couple of weekends will be packed with lots of good food and brunch fun.