Everyone has a favorite restaurant in their college town. It's the one place that you would take your visiting friends and family, no matter who complains about it. You want them to experience and love your college town for the same reason you do - the food. Whether you're a student or first-time visitor, make sure to bless your tastebuds at one of these restaurants. 

Information courtesy of Business Insider, USA Today, Serious Eats and Todd's Taste of the Town.

1. Washington, D.C.: Wisemiller's Deli

Popular among the students of Georgetown University, is Wisemiller's. Conveniently located two blocks away from campus, students don't mind waiting in the line, that is sometimes out the door, to get a sandwich from their favorite place. 

2. Charlottesville, VA: Bodo's Bagels 

What's a better way to start the morning than a breakfast sandwich on a bagel? The students at the University of Virginia will tell you that not much compares to this breakfast choice, especially if you're going to Bodo's. What makes this place even better for students is its affordable price of 70 cents.

3. Provo, UT: J Dawgs  

Owned by a former Brigham Young University student, the rest of campus goes crazy for J Dawgs. There are 3 locations around campus that make it super accessible for all students. 

4. Austin, TX: Kerbey Lane Cafe 

Open 24/7 and located only steps away from campus, it's no wonder University of Texas - Austin students go to Kerbey's so much. Whether you're in the mood for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Kerbey's has exactly what you're looking for. 

5. College Station, TX: Fuego Tortilla Grill  

Texas must really be into having food joints open 24/7 because this popular taco restaurant is available whenever Texas A&M students want it. Handmade tortillas and massive portions give students the yummy meal they're craving. 

6. State College, PA: Gumby's Pizza 

Penn State students order Gumby's more than they should. Gumby's offer a delicious creation of cheesy bread (called Pokey Stix) with a variety of dipping sauces, so at least ordering it too much is justified.  After one bite, you'll be just as obsessed as the students. 

7. Pittsburgh, PA: Pamela's Diner 

Looking for a good place to get breakfast? Next time you're near the University of Pittsburgh, check out Pamela's. It's located right on campus which makes it even more tempting for students looking for something more satisfying than dining hall food. 

8. Gettysburg, PA: Lincoln Diner 

Whether Gettysburg College students are looking for a cheap Sunday brunch or a late night snack, Lincoln's is the place to go. Open 24/7 and offering everything you could ever want, you'll always find students here. 

9. Eugene, OR: The Dough Co. 

Looking for a good calzone? University of Oregon students will most likely send you to the Dough Co. to try one of the 31 calzones offered. If you're feeling extra outgoing, maybe give one of their breakfast calzones a try. 

10. Columbus, OH: Raising Cane's 

Most known for its chicken tenders, Raising Cane's is a popular late-night location for Ohio State students. Waiting in a long line at 2 am for chicken and fries is a common scene in Columbus. 

11. Chapel Hill, NC: Sutton's Drug Store 

90 years of tradition follows Sutton's on the UNC campus. Any time of day you walk in, you'll almost always find a booth of athletes enjoying their favorite burger, sandwich or milkshake.  

12. Syracuse, NY: Dinosaur's Bar-B-Que 

Although it's not located within walking distance from campus, that doesn't stop students at Syracuse University from making the journey for barbecue. They're not scared of the long wait or the (not so) clean looking booths and you shouldn't be either. 

13. Ithaca, NY: Collegetown Bagels 

Collegetown Bagels is a popular hangout spot for students who go to Ithaca College. It's so close to campus and it offers many variations of bagel toppings. Whether you want a bagel sandwich or a traditional bagel with cream cheese, CTB has you covered.

14. Ann Arbor, MI:  Zingerman's Delicatessen

Started by a University of Michigan alum, students boast about the tastiness of sandwiches from Zingerman's. The sandwiches are made-to-order so there's no way you could go wrong here. Even President Obama visited, so why shouldn't you? 

15. Cambridge, MA: Pinocchio's Pizza and Subs

If you go to Harvard, you know that Pinocchio's brings all students together. Every organization on Harvard's campus knows that students will attend when Pinocchio's is available. 

16. Annapolis, MD: Chick & Ruth's Delly 

Students at the United States Naval Academy will tell you that this is the place to be. All the menu items are named after Maryland politicians and public service notables. If you're looking to say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning, stop by Chick & Ruth's because they'll be saying it. 

17. New Brunswick, NJ: RU Hungry 

Known for its "grease trucks", students at Rutgers University know to go to RU Hungry when they're craving some greasy grub. A former Rutgers student even got a sandwich named after him. Who knows, maybe you'll be next. 

18. New Orleans, LA: The Dough Bowl 

$3.25 for a slice of pizza, what a steal! Students at Tulane University know The Dough Bowl is the place to be when the late night munchies kick in. Having a slice of pizza as big as your face is guaranteed to satisfy your growling stomach. 

19. Manhattan, KS: Varsity Donuts/ The Varsity Truck 

When Kansas State students are craving something sweet, their minds immediately go to donuts. When the cravings hit later than 10 p.m., they run to the Varsity Truck which has all the beloved donut flavors on-the-go. 

20. Ames, IA: Hickory Park 

If you're looking for good barbecue and homemade ice cream near Iowa State, look no further. Not only is Hickory Park a favorite to all locals, it has a lot of character. The decor has been collected throughout the years, which explains the church pews and antique decorations. 

21. Iowa City, IA: Hamburg Inn No. 2 

If you're a student at the University of Iowa and you haven't been to Hamburg, do you even go there? Hamburg Inn No. 2 is a staple part of the student experience and you'll want to try the pickle milkshake if you go. 

22. Bloomington, IN: Mother Bear's Pizza 

If Mother Bear's Pizza isn't served, then Hoosiers don't want it. This pizza shop has been serving Indiana University at Bloomington for nearly 40 years and the students couldn't love it more. Not to mention, the croutons on their house salad are Goldfish crackers

23. West Lafayette, IN: Triple XXX  

Purdue students take pride in Triple XXX. Their signature burgers are the talk of the campus and they even have one named after Boilermaker Pete. And if burgers aren't for you, no worries, they serve breakfast all day. It's the best of both worlds! 

24. Evanston, IL: Edzo's Burger Shop 

If you go to Northwestern University and haven't gotten a burger from Edzo's, where have you been? Students, faculty and everyone who lives in the area swears by these burgers. It's definitely worth the drive. 

25. Athens, GA: The Grill 

For the students at University of Georgia, The Grill is the place to grab a late-night bite. The Grill has been serving its famous, fresh-cut fries since 1955 and won't be stopping anytime soon because the Georgia students would go wild if they did. 

26. New Haven, CT: Louis' Lunch 

Students at Yale University dine here all the time and never let anyone forget what the restaurant created: the original hamburger. The burgers are served as the first were, between two pieces of toast instead of on a bun. Tradition never dies at Louis' Lunch. 

27. Boulder, CO: Boulder Baked 

Students at the University Colorado definitely have a sweet tooth. I mean, how could you not when you have Boulder Baked offering free delivery and reasonably priced cookies? 

28. Berkeley, CA: The Cheese Board Collective 

If you're into pizza, locally grown produce and ingredients, then this is the place for you. Students at Berkeley are big fans of the locally grown ingredients found at The Cheese Board Collective. But don't think you'll find the same pizza every day, because each day brings a new pizza topping. 

29. Los Angeles, CA: Chano's 

Mexican food is a staple in Southern California. The students at USC don't have to travel far when it comes to that. Chano's serves tacos, burritos and nachos to students all the time. And not to mention, it's a drive thru! 

30. Tuscaloosa, AL: Rama Jama's 

Conveniently located next to Bryant-Denny Stadium, Rama Jama's is the perfect place for Tide fans to get some food before a big game. 

31. Providence, RI: Louis Family Restaurant 

Students at Brown University know Louis Family Restaurant is the place for breakfast. If you're in for a challenge, try "Louis' Challenge". But the only way to succeed is to stay up all night and get your breakfast as soon as the doors open at 5 am! 

32. Binghamton, NY: Binghamton Hots 

Whether you go for dinner or after a night out, Binghamton University students are never disappointed with their order. You haven't truly experienced school at Binghamton without dining here at least (but probably more than) once. 

33. Winston-Salem, NC: Mozelle's Fresh Southern Bistro 

Brunch is a must at Mozelle's Fresh Southern Bistro. Wake Forest students swear by Mozelle's and refuse to go anywhere else. Their fresh food leaves students craving more with each visit.

34. Winslow, ME: Big G's 

I don't think it's possible to leave Big G's with anything less than a stuffed stomach. Everything here is big - even the menu has more than 100 items on it. 

35. Philadelphia, PA: Allegro's 

University of Pennsylvania students are always looking for a good slice of pizza. And you know, I think they've found it. Allegro's offers both good pizza and friendly service. 

36. Durham, NC: Toast 

On the hunt for a good sandwich? Students at Duke University will lead you towards Toast. Toast is known for their mouth-watering sandwiches. What makes it even better is that all sandwiches are priced at $6.50, so you won't have to decide between the delicious, expensive sandwich and the average, reasonably priced one. 

37. San Diego, CA: Smashburger 

Fairly cheap and definitely good is Smashburger. UCSD students will travel to Lo Jolla for one of these loaded burgers. Oh and I can't forget about their savory sweet potato frites and fried pickles that has everybody talking.

38. Clemson, SC: Mac's Drive-In 

Clemson students will tell you that going to Mac's makes you feel more at home. You can't go to school here and never go to Mac's. 

39. Gainesville, FL: Satchel's Pizza  

Along with their pizza, Satchel's has a gift shop to browse through while you're waiting to be seated. University of Florida students eat here and you should too. 

40. Knoxville, TN: Litton's 

Go for the burger or go for the baked goods, it doesn't matter because you can't go wrong. University of Tennessee students will tell you that if you're feeling extra wild, just get both. 

41. New Haven, CT: Yorkside Pizza and Restaurant 

Surrounded by several pizza places, Yale University students have so many options to choose from. The fact that they almost always pick Yorkside has to say something about their pizza, right? 

42. Madison, WI: Mickie's Dairy Bar 

If the Wisconsin football stadium isn't the most important place to be on a Saturday, then Mickie's definitely is. Don't let the line out the door scare you; it moves pretty fast and the food is super tasty. 

43. Stanford, CA: Stanford Coffee House 

If you need your coffee fix and are looking for a new place to study, Stanford students swear by "CoHo". The atmosphere will make you feel at home and you won't ever want to leave. 

44. Auburn, AL: Momma Goldberg's Deli 

If you've gone or ever plan on going to an Auburn University football game, then you have go to Momma Goldberg's Deli. It's a game day favorite and fans will tell you that it's tradition.

45. Oxford, MS: Big Bad Breakfast 

It's known for its name. That's right, Big Bad Breakfast. Students at the University of Mississippi would be the first to agree that the best breakfast is found here. 

46. St. Louis, MO: Kayak's Coffee 

When campus becomes too much to handle, Washington University students know exactly where to go. While only being a short walk from campus, students don't mind the exercise because a cup of coffee and a quiet study space awaits at this destination. 

47. Tallahassee, FL: Cabo's Island Grill and Bar 

Get a taste of what Tallahassee has to offer when you go to Cabo's. Florida State University students will tell you that you can never go wrong with their menu.  

48. Newark, DE: Newark Deli & Bagels 

Bagels are so in these days, amiright? Even if you aren't a student at the University of Delaware, you will appreciate the bagels at Newark Deli & Bagels. Students know that NDB will be there before their busy day of classes or as a kickstart to their weekend. 

49. Princeton, NJ: Infini-T Cafe and Spice Souk 

Looking for a healthy, more culturally diverse place to eat? Princeton University has the place for you. Whether you're a student looking for something good to eat while you study or someone just passing through the town, definitely give this place a shot. 

50. New York, NY: The Grey Dog 

Going to school in a big city (especially New York City) doesn't bring much quiet time. But at The Grey Dog, NYU students can escape the commotion of city life. They can't stay too long, though, because the line is always out the door. So get your food and get out. 

If you got to any of these schools (or even if you're visiting), you're going to want to check them out. Sure, there might be a place you like more. But why limit yourself to one place when there's so many delicious options out there? There's no chance you'll be disappointed with these restaurants!