When I ran out of dining dollars first semester of freshmen year, I knew that I needed to make some changes. With all the free food and drinks on campus, there's no reason any student should make the same mistakes I did. Here are six frequently untapped opportunities for free food and drink on Ohio State's campus that will save you the embarrassment of telling your parents you spent all their money on smoothies.

1. KIND bars at the RPAC

Kind Bar

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More motivation to work out. Sometimes the kind people from KIND (pun intended) will make an appearance handing out free bars at the RPAC by Juice 2.

2. Buck-i-Frenzy and the Involvement Fair

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Theresa Rathslag

Ok, so not completely unknown, but there is a ridiculous amount of free food at both of these events. To not mention Buck-i-Frenzy or the Student Involvement fair on this list would simply be a shame.

3. Jelly, Honey, and Soy Sauce for Days

Theresa Rathslag

Unlike peanut butter, the little packets of jelly, honey, and soy sauce are completely free. Even if you’re not having a bagel, snag a little jelly for some future PB & J goodness. 

4. Two Tea Bags, Please

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Any large tea ordered at an on campus dining location comes with two tea bags. Take advantage of this! Not many people know that hot water is free with a reusable mug. Just ask for hot water next time, use the second teabag, and BOOM: two for one tea.

5. Stress Less

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Keep tabs on what’s up at the Student Wellness Center located in the RPAC. Not only do they offer free wellness and nutrition coaching, but they also have events during finals where students can grab snacks and pet dogs for some quality stress relief.

6. Coffee, Mate

Pumpkin Spice, Coffee Mate

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Every so often Coffee Mate creamer will have promotions on campus where they hand out free coffee so students can sample their creamer. If you’re like me and don’t use creamer in your coffee, taking the free coffee and awkwardly walking away is always an option.

Free food and drinks won't just save you money, it will also give you a nice break from typical campus cuisine. Trust me, your stomach can only take so much Scott Dining.