*Stoves and ovens never included – safety first, kids.

1. Fancy pudding: Get a mug and crush up some graham crackers into the bottom, scoop out some chocolate pudding from those mini Jello containers in your fridge, add some whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon – almost as fancy as Iggy Azalea.

2. Panera inspired bread mug: Heat up a can of chicken noodle soup (Progresso will do), toast bread, butter it, line the sides of a large mug with the bread, and pour the soup in. Your very own bread bowl.

3. Healthy apple pie: Slice or dice an apple (just make sure you take out the core) and put into a Ziploc bag. Mix in raisins, cinnamon, a packet of Splenda, and a hint of water (a tablespoon or so), close the bag and shake it up. Reopen the bag just a bit (for ventilation) and microwave for about two minutes –BAM.

4. Rosh Hashanah-esque delight: Slice a raisin bagel (or use cinnamon raisin bread) in half and toast it, spread peanut butter on one slice, add apple slices, and a thin layer of honey to the other half. Close like a sandwich. Devour.

5. Because popcorn isn’t enough: Make some microwaveable popcorn and add in your favorites; think: pretzels, almonds / peanuts, M&Ms / Buncha Crunch / Milk Duds. Consider it as trail-mix (it’s good for you, right?).

6. Making do with what you have: You want some cereal but have no milk because you left for ten days and now it has curdled…all is not lost. Get a few scoops of ice cream into a mug, microwave for about 30 seconds, then pour your favorite cereal into the mug and stir. It’s basically a McFlurry.

7. Microwaveable glory: Heat up your favorite microwavable mac n’ cheese (Stouffers, Annies, Kraft, whatever you want), and toast some Eggo waffles, you figure out the rest (i.e., syrup, extra slices of cheese, etc.). Could be a grilled cheese, could be breakfast, it’s up to you (this is a judgement-free zone).

8. Your very own Chipwich: Take those cookies you’ve had in your pantry and actually put them to use. Put them in the microwave for 15-20 seconds and then scoop your favorite ice cream flavor right into the middle. Sandwich-ize it.


Photo by Emily Moschowitz

9. Childhood snack: Who could forget ants on a log? Take a stalk of celery (don’t forget to cut off the gross ends), lather it in peanut butter, and of course, top with raisins.


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