We all know athletes need to eat a lot to keep up with their crazy schedules. They need the right type and amount of food to fuel their bodies. I mean, look at what Michael Phelps ate when he was training for the Olympics. College level athletes are no different. They eat… and eat… and eat again. But what exactly does their typical day of eating entail?

I entered the world of Wake Forest Football to see what the average player eats, and let’s just say I may have even learned some things.


Photo by Rebecca WangI thought the logical place to begin was breakfast, but I apparently was wrong. They let me know that protein shakes almost always come before breakfast. So, after downing a protein shake, the typical breakfast we all know and love begins. The players agreed that a big plate of scrambled eggs, sausage and a toasted bagel was the typical choice. In the end, they wash it all down with a cold glass of chocolate milk.

Fun FactWhen in season, breakfast is mandatory every single morning.



Photo by Helena Lin

Protein, starch, and vegetables: a balanced meal represented by the athletes’ choice of multiple pieces of grilled chicken and heaping plate of rice. As we all know, the vegetables at the Pit rotate daily, so football players often go for broccoli, but a salad is their next go-to if their favorites aren’t available.



Photo by Amanda Schulman

Now, this may not seem like the typical “snack”. These guys don’t just do a quick pit stop at the POD. The football players go to the well-known and drunkenly-loved Subway, appreciated by almost all Wake Forest students.



Photo courtesy of @chipotlemexicangrill

In this stage, I learned a valuable lesson about Chipotle. You can get double beans and rice without any extra cost… You’re welcome. Even when they’re not at Chipotle, protein is still the answer. They either go for more chicken, or mix it up with a tuna salad sandwich or a hamburger.

Late Night Snack


Photo courtesy of eatcookout.com

As if all this didn’t seem like enough food, there is still more. Wake Forest football players are always down for some late night Cook Out milkshakes, or of course… Taco Bell. Apparently, no day is complete without yet another protein shake before bed.

Now that you know… Do you think you could eat like a Wake Forest football player?