When I was a little lass, my dad grew shiitake mushrooms on a tree log in our backyard. He’d grill them, and I'd immediately gobble up what tasted like a fried block of butter. My mushroom obsession has thrived unabated since that first shiitake mushroom all those years ago, and watching The Last of Us has only increased my infatuation. Like anybody who's anybody, I’ve been thirstily watching cordyceps monsters destroy humanity on The Last of Us every Sunday night. I’m not ashamed to admit that the promise of an hour of Pedro Pascal, Daddy Extradinoire, is the only thing getting me through the week. As a result, I wanted to put more effort into this week’s watch party. This coming Sunday night, I’m decking the halls with The Last of Us-themed snacks, because nothing’s better than eating fungi while watching a show about a fungus-caused infection that turns humans into zombies.

What to drink while watching The Last of Us

Where mushroom drinks are concerned, my top two choices are mushroom coffee and mushroom hot chocolate. I know, when you’re watching a zombie show, already high on adrenaline, coffee seems like a bad idea. But, hear me out. Having the coffee jitters will immerse you more in the show, giving you a slice of what everyone in a world overrun with zombies is likely feeling at all times. But, if you’re still not sold, there’s always mushroom hot chocolate. Personally, all my life goals would be accomplished if I were sipping on mushroom hot chocolate when Pedro finally takes his shirt off. 

What to eat while watching The Last Of Us: Mushroom finger foods

This popcorn pops into a doomed shape and ends up looking like a portabella, which explains its name. You can dress up mushroom popcorn in any way you like. I’m planning on a caramel and cheddar combo. Who doesn’t want the solace of a handful of greasy popcorn while Bella Ramsey slays the hell out of those zombies? However, if you aren’t feeling like making popcorn, reach for some Popadelics. This crunchy take on mushroom chips comes in three flavors: Truffle Parm, Thai Chili, and Rosemary and Salt. Also, don’t be a dork and forget mushroom jerky and chocorooms.

Where mushrooms are concerned, golden mushrooms are the most likely to induce a foodgasm. And, who could forget lobster mushrooms? They will immediately give your party the vibe of the Ritz Carlton. That being said, any edible mushroom will do, from button to oyster. Importantly, please don’t go foraging in the woods. As cottage core as that would be, save yourself the possible poisoning and purchase mushrooms from a grocery near you.