Popcorn is by far my favourite movie snack. Whilst I am a big believer in the superiority of plain old salted popcorn, that was only until I discovered flavours beyond caramel and cheese. However, not every film is better with the same kind of popcorn, which is why these gourmet popcorn recipes are perfect. 

Homemade gourmet popcorn is a cheap and fun way to make those constant Netflix binges exciting and novel. I am definitely guilty of watching way too many movies in these past 6 months so I've also added a movie recommendation with every recipe. 

Genre and Recipe

Every Recipe begins with popping 3 tablespoons of popping corn according to instructions on the packaging. This will make enough popcorn for 1-2 people. 

Animation: Funfetti Popcorn

1. Melt 70 grams of white chocolate in a microwave with 2 teaspoons of coconut oil.

2. Pour the melted mixture evenly over the popcorn and toss with a spatula.

3. Slowly sprinkle 2 tablespoons of colourful sprinkles (or more, you can ever have enough sprinkles) over the popcorn.

4. Refrigerate for 30 mins before eating for the best eating experience. 

Anusha Goyal

Movie Recommendation: Big Hero 6

Classics: Truffle, Parmesan and Rosemary Popcorn

1. In a small bowl grate 1/4 cup parmesan, add the leaves of 2 sprigs of rosemary and 1/2 a teaspoon of salt. Set mixture aside. 

2. Drizzle 2 teaspoons of truffle oil over your recently popped corn and toss it well.

3. Immediately, pour your dry mixture over the popcorn and toss well. You can enjoy this one straight away. 

Anusha Goyal

Movie Recommendation: The Godfather

Action: Taco Style Popcorn

1. Melt 1 tablespoon of butter with 1 teaspoon lime juice. 

2. Pour this mixture over your popcorn evenly.

3. Quickly sprinkle 1 1/2 tablespoons of taco seasoning over the popcorn and mix well.

4. Garnish with fresh chopped cilantro and serve immediately. 

Anusha Goyal

Movie Recommendation: The Entire Mission Impossible Series (My personal favourites are 1, 3 and 2 in that order).

Drama: Margherita Popcorn

1. Melt 1 tablespoon butter with 1 teaspoon of lime juice, 1 teaspoon of tequila, 1 teaspoon sugar, 1 teaspoon salt and 1/2 teaspoon of lime zest in a microwave.

2. Drizzle this over hot popcorn, toss well and serve. 

PSA: Drink responsibly and only when it is legal in your region. 

Anusha Goyal

Movie Recommendation: Knives Out

Comedy: Peanut Butter and Chocolate Popcorn

1. Melt 50 grams of dark chocolate and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter together in a bowl.

2. Add 25 grams of chopped almonds to the popcorn and drizzle the chocolate peanut butter over it.

3. Mix well and refrigerate for 30 mins before serving. 

Anusha Goyal

Movie Recommendation: Get Smart

Horror: Plain Ol' Salt and Butter Popcorn

I think the most spill-proof and non-messy popcorn is the best idea for horror. For this recipe:

1. Melt 2 tablespoons of butter and drizzle over your hot popcorn. Salt to taste. 

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Sara Carte

Movie Recommendation: The Conjuring

Rom-Com: Spicy Caramel Popcorn

1. Double the amount of popcorn than stated above so you make 6 tablespoons of popcorn which would serve 3 people.

2. Then make 1/2 this spicy caramel recipe and immediately drizzle it over the popcorn. Do not wait too long to drizzle after making the caramel as it will set.

3. Wait for the caramel to cool before eating because the caramel will be very hot. 

Anusha Goyal

Movie Recommendation: Crazy Stupid Love

Definitely try out these gourmet popcorn recipes to tickle your taste buds. Maybe you won't miss the cinema as much. Or, maybe you can even make your drive-in movie experience much better. Either way gourmet popcorn is a must try way of sprucing up the stay-at-home life.