Is there anything sexier than a guy who can cook? And we don't mean "add sriracha to some Easy Mac" culinary skills. Social media and TV channels like the Food Network have given us some of the hottest male chefs of all time, and we're all the more #blessed for it.

From foreign accents to sparkling eyes to jawlines so sharp they could julienne herbs, here's the definitive list of the hottest male chefs around. You're welcome.

1. Tyler Florence

If the Southern accent doesn't immediately pull you in, Tyler Florence's culinary chops certainly will. Florence may not be as readily recognizable as some other Food Network stars or celebrity chefs, but that just means you won't have to share him.

Most recently, he's hosting TV's "The Great Food Truck Race," which def tells you a ton about his character—he loves to travel, and would be able to take you to all the trendy, 'Gram worthy food trucks. How's that for a win-win?

2. Gordon Ramsay

If you're looking for someone who's not afraid to get a lil loud, Gordon Ramsay is definitely your man. This male chef may seem a touch screamy and abrasive, but that just means he's got a fiery passion inside of him 24/7.

But be warned, if Ramsay is your man, be prepared to always be on the go. From hosting multiple TV shows, to owning over 20 award-winning restaurants, and making time for a little soccer (our man almost had a chance at going pro), there'll never be a dull moment. As if the accent wasn't already worth it.

3. Alton Brown 

Okay, okay, hear me out. Alton Brown may not be a traditional sex symbol, but he's definitely worthy of this list. I like to think of Alton Brown as the "Human Scoville Scale." There's his "Good Eats" days, super mild. Then there's his time hosting "Iron Chef America," a lil spicier, but not over the top. But when you get to his "Cutthroat Kitchen" era? This is one culinary bad boy who's too hot to handle.

So if you're looking to take a walk on the wild side, but still want to be pampered to a home cooked meal every once in a while, hit up Alton Brown. He's probably grooming his impeccably scruffy beard and hanging out with his cats.

4. Scott Conant

If you're a fan of "Chopped," you get where I'm coming from with this one. Scott Conant has never been afraid to tell it like it is on the judges' panel—no mystery baskets here, my friends. And that's something every girl needs: honesty.

Plus, in addition to being honest, Scott is just a relatable guy that you'd definitely want to go out on a date with. I mean, come on, he eats Skippy Peanut Butter out of the jar and loves his mom's cooking. Just make sure you avoid raw red onion before you see him.

5. Curtis Stone

It may be nearing the end of winter in this chef's native Australia, but Curtis Stone is red hot. Stone has worked in restaurants all over Australia and London, so he's quite the world traveler. Plus, he's got a killer smile and two adorable sons.

And, if the rest of this list is any indication, an adorable accent and fierce culinary chops are basically a dream. Hey college boys, are you taking notes?

6. Bobby Flay

Tell me you don't want someone to look at you the way Bobby Flay looks at this sautee pan. Flay is probably one of the most well-known male chefs out there today, and not just for his skills in the kitchen.

Sure, he knows his way around a grill, but one of the best things about Bobby Flay is his insane confidence. I mean, why else would he have a show titled "Beat Bobby Flay?" And, a quick scroll through his Instagram will show you that he's one of the few people in this world who can still pull off a newsboy cap, which is all that really matters, right?

7. Damiano Carrara

TBH, guys like chef Damiano Carrara make me consider switching my major from Spanish to Italian. Carrara has been a staple on the Food Network as of late, and it's not that hard to see why. His piercing blue eyes, impeccable jaw line, and strong Italian accent make him a hit with every lady he meets in the kitchen.

And, Damiano can really do it all: he's placed near the top on three different Food Network competition shows, "Cutthroat Kitchen," "Next Food Network Star," and "Halloween Baking Championship." So what does that mean? He's got star quality, can be super sweet, but won't hesitate to sabotage others to get to your heart. Si grazie!

8. Eddie Jackson

A former pro football player turned professional chef? Sign me up! Eddie Jackson brings a lil necessary muscle to the kitchen. So he'll be able to open up a particularly tough jar of pickles should you need it, but that's not all he's good for.

On his winning season of "Food Network Star," Jackson specialized in Caribbean food, so with him in the kitchen, you'll feel like you're on vacation year round. Plus, with his former career as a professional athlete and his fitness-filled Instagram, you'll never have to worry about whether your meal is healthy or not. Plus, that smile is hot enough to bake cookies on, am I right?

9. Guy Fieri

No, this isn't a mistake. Guy Fieri is totally worthy of the label of being one of the hottest male chefs of all time. Let's be real, sometimes looks don't cut it, and you need some personality to fill in. And if there's one thing Fieri doesn't lack, it's personality.

Anything would be more fun with Guy Fieri by your side, be it going to the grocery store, or hitting up some diners, drive-ins, and dives. I think your parents would be super impressed with all the stories he has to tell about his culinary travels around the country, which already makes him a winner. That two-toned beard is going to come back in style, too, I guarantee it.

Male chefs can be hotter than a preheated oven. Culinary skills are pretty high up there in what women want in a partner, and these men have that ish down pat. All that's left for you to do is to hit up one of their restaurants and leave your number on the bill. Hey, can't hurt to try, right?