Gordon Ramsay is notorious for his cutthroat judging of food. A recent trend has started in which fans @ Ramsay on Twitter to get his perspective on their dishes. Whether they are trolling him or are actually serious about their cooking skills, his honesty always brings laughter. My attempt to get Chef Ramsay's attention was a fail, so I challenged my fellow Spoon UF members to try it, which ended up being not so successful either.

To forget about our epic fail, celebrate with me those who, in my opinion, got some of my personal favorite Twitter responses.

15. Even We Had to Ask, "What Is That?"

14. Score: Chef Ramsay: 1, Meme Boy: 0

13. There Are Just Some Things You ~CANNED~ Do

12. When Ramsay Sounded Like... A Certain Someone Else

11. Well, At Least He Complimented Her China

10. That Moment You Knew There Was No Chance

9. The Awkward Moment When He Says Something Nice

8. We Know What Flight Ramsey Won't Be On

7. When The Food Actually Looks Good, And Everyone Told Ramsay He's Wrong

6. When Puns Were Life

5. Ramsay Wasn't Feeling This Rainbow 

4. Apparently, He Also Gives Relationship Advice

3. 10/10 Ramsay Would Not Recommend

2. I Guess Love Doesn't Conquer All

1. When He Saw Every Young Student's Struggle 

Bonus Tweets from the Spoon UF Staff: 

When Homemade Meals in College Are Just Unrealistic...

...And Your Fancy Dinner is Ramen

One thing I have learned from this experience is that getting Chef Ramsay's attention is truly difficult. But I also learned the importance of humor. Ramsay's Twitter responses not only make us laugh but often wake up our inner chefs. Although neither I nor any other Spoon UF member has received a response from Ramsay, we will make sure to keep you updated...as long as we are not called idiot sandwiches.