What a time to be alive. Restaurants-on-wheels are popping up along the streets just outside of office buildings, and fresh cupcakes are only 10 seconds away. Recent trends in food culture have shown an influx of convenient (and somewhat lazy) options to access the snacks we crave with even greater ease.

This phenomenon is found in the rise of food trucks.  Entrepreneurs are realizing that they don’t need a physical building to start their food businesses, and, as consumers, we don’t necessarily want to venture to a pricey restaurant. To save customers time and money, these mobile food stands are even leaving their cities t0 spread into more rural areas.


Photo Courtesy of mobile-cuisine.com

And then there are cupcakes, cupcakes everywhere. Cupcake ATMs have arrived, and no, this is not the first sign of the apocalypse. Sprinkles cupcake company has created the 24-hour cupcake ATMs that are appearing in major cities throughout the country. That’s right: it’s not just in the Big Apple. All you have to do is walk up to the screen and select a flavor. Within 10 seconds, your cupcake is revealed from behind a panel in all its glory.  *Cue bright lights and heavenly music* 


Photo Courtesy of washingtonpost.com

These clearly necessary inventions are catching on faster than Bieber’s arrest could trend on Twitter, so there’s hope that these ATMs (more like an Automated Taste Machines, right?) will invade college campuses soon. Talk about a new solution to the drunchies.


Photo Courtesy of ohjoy.blogs.com


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