We’ve lived through some insane food trends over the years. Jell-O salads were the hot dish in the 1950’s. Once 2010 hit, you couldn’t eat anything without someone trying to put bacon on it. Even last year, food made with activated charcoal was all the rage. Although some trends are questionable at best, there are some that we should all be thankful for, like avocado toast and over the top milkshakes. You might be thinking: What trend is taking over 2019?

That, my friend, is stuffed cookies. It is so simple, yet genius. You take a simple cookie and stuff it with all your favorite sweets. This is exactly what Jenn Malouf did in 2014 when she founded Stuffed Cookies. Stuffed Cookies is an online business serving up the craziest combinations of flavors in the form of a cookie. Stuffed Cookies sells homemade flavors and gives you the option to create your own personalized cookie.

Stuffed Cookies provide extensive descriptions of each cookie describing the dough, mix-ins, stuffing and toppings of each cookie. I tried 11 flavors (go big or go home, right?) of Stuffed Cookies and found the best five. Choosing just five cookies might have been the hardest decision I’ve ever made.

Mint Cookies n’ Cream

If you know me, you know this is the cookie of my dreams. This cookie has a chocolate brown butter dough mixed with Oreos and Andes Mints chunks. It is stuffed with a healthy serving of chocolate ganache. You might think that this cookie would be too chocolatey, but the Andes chunks provide just the right amount of relief from the decadent chocolate. When the cookie is heated, the ganache and Oreo cream become perfectly gooey. If you love the pairing of mint and chocolate, this is the cookie for you.

Chocolate PB Dream

This cookie has a chocolate brown butter dough, mixed with Reese’s pieces, chocolate chunks, and peanut butter chips. It is stuffed with chocolate ganache and peanut butter, then finished with a sprinkle of sea salt. Like the name states, this is a peanut butter lover’s dream. The salty peanut butter pairs nicely with the rich chocolate ganache. The outside of the cookie is crunchy, along with the Reese’s Pieces and peanut butter chips. The inside of the cookie melts in your mouth when you taste the ganache and the peanut butter together. If you’re a fan of chocolate and peanut butter, you will be in love with this cookie.

Red Velvet Cheesecake Cookie

This cookie has a red velvet brown butter dough mixed with white chocolate chips. It is stuffed with cream cheese frosting and topped with crunchy cinnamon graham cracker crumbs. This cookie has so many elements that made me question how they would work together. However, when I tasted it, all the flavors melded beautifully together. The tangy cream cheese frosting balances the rich red velvet dough and white chocolate. The best part of the cookie is the extra crunch added by the graham cracker crumbs. They bring a slightly spicy cinnamon taste to the cookie that is unexpected, yet so good. If you’re a cheesecake lover, you need to try this cookie

Salted Ganache, Almond Toffee Cookie

This cookie has vanilla brown butter dough mixed with salted chocolate ganache, heath bar chunks and roasted almonds. It is stuffed with a cookie butter cocoa swirl and topped with sea salt. This cookie accomplished the perfect the combination of salty and sweet. The dough is sweet with a hint of salt, while the toasted almonds add a much needed nuttiness to the flavor. The cocoa cookie butter and toffee chunks are deliciously paired with the light sea salt sprinkled on top. If you have a weakness for salty and sweet confections, this is the cookie for you.

Slutty Cookie 

This cookie has both vanilla and chocolate brown butter dough mixed with sea salt caramel chips, Oreo, and chocolate chunks. It is stuffed with salted caramel and topped with sea salt. This cookie has an entire Oreo stuffed inside. Do I need to say much more? In one bite you taste: cookies and cream, chocolate, vanilla, caramel and sea salt. There are so many flavors, but none of them overpower the others. Again, the balance of salty and sweet is masterful. If you’ve ever obsessed over a slutty brownie, you must try the slutty cookie.

Final Thoughts

The five cookies above just scratch the surface of what Stuffed Cookies is capable of. Stuffed Cookies continues to make new and innovative flavors like their October Assortment with flavors like Candycopia and Candied Corn. Stuffed Cookies has a cookie for every cookie lover out there. I have to admit cookies are not my first choice when it comes to desserts, but I would choose to eat a Stuffed Cookie any day.