While getting ready to visit my grandparents in Florida this December, I began to research the best new food places I should check out while there. Being the health nut that I am, I came across Raw Juce. As I scrolled through their website, I found something peculiar, "The Black Magic Bowl." As I read on, I discovered that the bowl contained banana, mango, açai, almond mylk, and protein powder, all blended together with... activated charcoal?

Fascinated with the ingredient, I did some research, and it turns, out activated charcoal actually boasts some amazing health benefits. Here's what it's all about.

It can prevent hangovers

Although activated charcoal doesn't actually absorb alcohol, it helps to remove the toxins that often contribute to poisoning when drinking. Often, people consume their alcohol along with a sugary and/or chemical-filled chaser.

These beverages, combined with the alcohol, are often what push people over the edge, leading to a rough hangover. Activated charcoal removes these toxins, providing you with a better chance of having a great drinking experience. 

It alleviates gas and bloating

Studies have shown that activated charcoal helps eliminate gas and bloating by binding to the gas causing byproducts in food that cause discomfort. 

It helps remove toxins from your body

A primary use of activated charcoal is the emergency removal of toxins in the event of an accidental ingestion. It is often used to save people when they accidentally overdose on drugs, like aspirin and even cocaine.

These toxins bind to the activated charcoal's surface, which prevents the body from absorbing them and helps eliminate the toxins quickly. 

It can help whiten your teeth

Apparently, activated charcoal is a magical teeth savior, helping to whiten teeth by changing the pH balance in the mouth and absorbing plaque that blemishes teeth. 

It can reduce high cholesterol 

Who knew one could eat ice cream and reduce cholesterol levels at the same time? Studies have shown that activated charcoal can help lower cholesterol as much as some prescription medications. 

It helps improve and soothe your skin

By binding to the environment toxins and dirt that cause certain skin issues, activated charcoal can be used to treat acne and the rashes caused by poison ivy and insect bites.

Evidently, activated charcoal boasts some unreal detoxifying properties that could truly help us all out. I can't wait to finally try this magical phenomenon.  If you're looking for places to taste this in food, check out Raw Juce's Black Magic Bowl in Florida, Coconut Ash Ice Cream from Morgan Stern's Fine Ice Cream in NYC, or purchase a bag here and create your own charcoal eats.