Pregaming is a great time year-round, but there's something about those summer pregames that are just that much better. You're usually back home with old friends, the weather is great, and unless you're taking summer courses (#RIP), your school-related worries are nowhere to be found. To make sure you have the best time possible, just follow this list of the do's and don'ts of summer pregaming and you're golden.

To make sure you have the best time possible, just follow this list of the do's and don'ts of summer pregaming and you're golden.

DO: Have Bomb Snacks

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I'd say it's fair to argue that snacks are just as important as the alcohol at a pregame. As much fun as going 0 to blackout in an hour sounds, it never hurts to make your liver hate you a little bit less by eating something to soak up that alcohol. Plus, if you're reading Spoon, you're already set to make some amazing snacks.

DON'T: Get Sunburnt / Heat Stroke

Summer generally means that good, sunny weather where pregames and afternoon backyard hangouts go hand in hand. It's all fun and games until you glance in the mirror on your way out the door from the pregame and realize you look like Raspberry flavour Sour Puss.

Or worse, on the couch wondering how you could have gotten this drunk after only two drinks when you actually have heat stroke.

#SpoonTip: Learn from my mistakes and throw on some sunscreen/your bucket hat.

DO: Hydrate

Water is great. It helps with acne, helps you stay right between too-drunk-for-the-pregame and too-sober-for-the-bar and is a great defense against the above-mentioned heat stroke. What more could you ask for?

DON'T: Have Beer Pong As Your Only Drinking Game

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Beer Pong is a stellar go-to drinking game because virtually everyone knows the rules and it doesn't really take that much skill. Just like alcohol, though, there's so many other options out there that don't remind you of weird frat parties.

At your next summer pregame, try Flip Cup (dead easy, actually exciting), True American (personal favorite), or Thunderstruck (not for the faint of liver).

DO: Choose Your Drink Wisely

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Everyone has their own preferences, so you do you with this one. The only thing I would say is make sure you get your chase to liquor ratio at a level where even sober you can stomach the taste. Rad cocktail recipes can be found here.

Either that, or really bring your A-game with some boozy popsicles and prepare for your night to potentially get as weird as mine did.

DON'T: Get So Drunk You Don't Make It To The Bar/Party/Game/Whatever You're Pre-ing For

It happens to the best of us, but past freshman year it's generally a good idea to learn to pace yourself. So lame, I know, but sometimes adulting is a good time. Like when you continue to get lit at the club instead of your friends tucking you in at 8 pm. 8 pm bedtime is never a good time.

DO: Have An Absolutely Fire Playlist

If you don't already have a designated pregame playlist on your phone, stop reading this article immediately and make one. A great pregame playlist is different for everyone, but usually includes some 90s/00s throwbacks, some songs everyone knows the words to, and some songs that honestly channel your inner Beyonce. (no shame)

DON'T: Drink and Drive

Drinking and driving has never, and will never be cool. You might be tempted to however, now that you're at home and your friends live a couple miles away instead of just a floor above you in the dorm. But just don't. Ubers exist for a reason.

Rainy Day (Stelvio Pass, Switzerland), Mercedes, by Jaromír Kavan | Unsplash

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With all that knowledge in hand (and hopefully a drink), get busy organizing your next pregame and use some of these do's and don'ts of summer pregaming to ensure it's #lit. (Yeah, I just judged myself for that hashtag too) Stay classy, Spooniverse.

#SpoonTip: Spoon University does not support binge drinking or underage drinking. Think of what grandma would say and make good choices, friends!